Mutual attraction between male and female

by admin on October 18, 2009

The attraction is based on the most important part in the dating …

Without attracting (from babe to you) as Reports to build as well to feel it around you – you will only lose time and will finally get to LJBF (I want to stay just friends). AFC-th saw a beautiful woman once showed interest in her and began to build Reports to her and her greasy. Then after a few months naturally pleasant conversations with the girl and divorcement fro as try some escalation (eg, to kiss her) she pulls out in surprise and asks: “But what you do, so we’re just friends?”. What they miss is when they are swallowed by babe and she has them just for friends. And that spending time with them “friendly” and have shared with them, and it is nice about them does not mean that they will have sex with them. Madame simply assumed to be “friends”. Contrary to the nonsense of social programming, which teach that attract buy flowers, gifts, attention, care, etc. – It is literally made in minutes – about 20 (30 max) and mostly with behavior and radiation – and these are the first minutes that are getting to know a girl. If these first few minutes she put in the “friends” to do anything as it draws as to talk to her and turn into her mental waste basket, no matter how fat and (compliments ) it will not have sex with you. Attract interest and do not buy!

1.1: Talking
The first 10-15 seconds are crucial – and are the basis of attraction. When approached the chick is required to look and feel better. Smile when in Seth and speak clearly, high and very high energy. In the first second woman they consider in appearance, voice and body language. And talking about what is important – if not greasy and something (cool compliments with protruding tongue, for example). Opener s are very large and vary from simple “hello” in “question type inquiry” to compliment “very beautiful” and others. Opener-A, the time must not be more than 2 minutes it was just a way to enter into communication and girl talk. Sometimes you can open even if a chick NEG too large shield and a very inflated.
When you open Seth babe (and all participants in the Seta) they consider the first impression it creates the initial attraction or repulsion in her. He is “cool” – is wearing a cool, brave is smiling is open is his voice is pretty, etc. or he is a loser – no taste and does not know how to dress, his voice is weak and cowardly, is uncertain, confused is – trying to do something, but he does not know what …
When you raise Seta included in your opener and began to talk with you. PUA then transferred to the communication 1.2.

1.2: DHV / Demonstration of high rank / + NEG hits
This is actually the part where the set increasing interest to you and it escalated to the attraction. You must communicate and subkomunikirash basic things for themselves with which to challenge the more overall interest of the Seth and especially the chick that aims to download:
– You’re a leader among his friends
– You’re funny
– His adventurous nature
– Interest
– Not nowhere, not greasy (to use NEG babe)
– On you can rely
– You are a mystery (at least in part)
– You have beautiful women around him
– You are confident and sure of himself
– Its cool
– Its positive
– Aggressive and with a joke you should not / can not cross the border “dangerous” /
– Etc..

These and other features should subkomunikirash by one or two short stories, voice, body language and behavior. You use the ability to intertwine themes he scored a short and funny story as rutin or ESP, for example. IOI-monitor’s (interest) of the babe from that hitting:
– They stand and listen carefully
– Watch them in the eye with interest
– Ask questions about what you tell
– They ask for your name or submit expecting you to imagine
– Laughs at your jokes (even when they are not particularly funny)
– The mood lifted her until her talk
– Plugs into an active conversation with you
– Etc..

It is very important in beginning to open up and talk to Seth whole, not the target. Generally ignore the target at the beginning and show no interest in him. First, very briefly, are getting to know and talk to other participants in the Seta and only after receiving several IOI-so from your pussy try to isolate or place to prove it to you. If at 20 minutes (max 30 – in exceptional cases) does not create interest in it just quit Seta – makes no sense to continue investing time and effort since then the likelihood of its becoming interesting substantially reduced. Instead you can just hang out and use that Seth and social status as plots next sets from this and collect them (no one knows whether or not you come in the company of these girls, right?). Be careful when you tell something does not appear that is ostentatious and praise. Stories like “Did you know that yesterday I won ten thousand euro by lottery will be held as an attempt to iztaknesh and glory alone. Best DHV is what is subkomunikirano rather than speaking directly. Be careful not too – the first few stories should be more interesting and entertaining than to be filled with DHV. Example stories like: “And go along with it and laugh in the street and people turned to look at us do not understand how this cold of us can give us so happy …” will be accepted much better than ” And that girl is a model of Visage and has the most fabulous body, you can imagine the ride in my new Ferrari, and fun as spending the money from the lottery on the way to my cottage in Dragalevtzi … ”

1.3: Show an interest in babe (Validation)
After receiving several of the IOI-th target (even the 5th minute is) always try 1.3. If it does not bind to 1.3, just continue with the 1.2 and after a few minutes try again. Before that, however, necessarily asked questions “Where do you know?” – You must establish what are the links in the Seta so you can calibrate their material around (if nursing situation is one where other friends are, if one is the sister of her boyfriend Three might just be a girl AFTS without boyfriends, etc.). 1.3 is the phase in which the PUA show their interest and giving valideyshan target for something other than appearance and playing immediately. 1.3 the scheme might look like this:
1. Drop bait
2. Catch
3. Slide
4. Let

1. Tell me what do you do? …
2. Seriously. No kidding? You know, I have a friend that deals exactly with this … and she told me how difficult … So it appears that his very responsible and ambitious person … blah blah …
3. And you know, my first impression of you was not very good, but now that I know that … my respect for you grew repeatedly …
4. Even become dangerous for me and should not be talking more with you / ignored it and leave it to resume the conversation /. And now many or more кефя and you seemed cool.

* After 1.3 is required to start the movie to babe – have already shown interest in verbal, so it’s time to show and nonverbal one. Initially very mild and imperceptible touches – to ordinary kisses in comfort phase. Just before 1.3 or after parvotiya valideyshan do well insulated. “Come I will show you something interesting and her castle somewhere to sit down … then try 1.3 (if not already done so)” Tell me, but first … what do you do ?…”. If you are uncomfortable in a place of isolation (eg streets) using 1.3 for realizing their interests and to get the phone (phone close) without verbal naturally to promote.
In 1.3 you help the girl to seduce you, you and helps you win it, to fight for you, you prove it. Omission of 1.3 smakva rank you immediately. Women know that men are difficult Cool (have many beautiful women around him) and can not be won without effort, and generally people do not appreciate what they are given freely. Imagine how zagovaryash Seth, showing how cool all around you are laughing, everybody’s fun and cool and at one point you start from scratch and CINEMA start to komplimentish hot girl to show interest in it (nothing) and or pull her to kiss her or pressure her or do you want the phone … Subkomunikira What’s this? Nowhere … That you had no choice by women in their lives that the target is important for you, if only in appearance, they can win, etc. Alternatively phone whenever you want without 1.3 does show that you actually niskorangov mate – otherwise would not want the phone to some stranger that does not show any DHV you.
1.3 can be fake Valideyshan unless his mate with iron and the handicap and no false drop in you. Do not start it qualified to its values – for example if you show something that is not exactly DHV in your eyes again and let Valideyshan and play. When trying to prove it is not cut, except when classified by material things or rich friends, cars and collars etc. 1.3 of you you only need to download a rank not in isolation (Close-a) – to show that she has earned and not by appearance – like everyone else.

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