First steps in disqualification tactic

by admin on June 2, 2012

I will reveal one way to show a higher value (DHV), to show that you are cool dude, not look like that praise alone. It is important to make it smart and elusive. “Tactic” that will present is called disqualification and works killer!

First let’s look at what is a woman of high value

Most men are beasts and initially pay attention to the appearance of the woman. Therefore, its value is determined by the belief that it is their appearance. Better appearance – a higher value. Of course, nowadays there are other factors – social position and status in society, relationships that affect its value.
The woman accepts all men for those with a lower value of her until you show that you are not one. Disqualification is one of the things you can do the job.
What is disqualification?
It is this that we say something we would not tell someone you like. This chick convinces you’re not keen on it (important for the indirect approach ) and automatically raises your value.
Disqualification should be fun, be positive and not say anything bad about the girl or something that can offend. You can look at the basic skills to lead a normal conversation.


“You’re cool, too bad you’re not my type!”
“You and I will never align together” (smiling)
“I like tall women” (and she is not)

You can make a disqualification and nonverbally, through the language of your body.

Here we will tell you about the famous theory of NEG mystery . Sit the girl at the bar and received compliments and drinks from all around guys …. what boredom. Suddenly comes a representative of the method of Mystery and says “You have beautiful hair … Is it a wig? “Boom! Shock and horror! This is the only person who is not dazzled by the beauty and she starts thinking, “What is wrong with me?”. That guy immediately stands out from the crowd. Another NEG coined by Mystery, to blow his nose in front of it … haha.
Overall, the goal is not to show that you blinded by it, say something positive about it, but also notice that it is not perfect. “Nice nails … are you really?”
NEG increases your value.
NEG’s only women with very high value and then 2 times maximum. Do not hold your attention on ecstasy. He is the only piece.
We note that NEG theory is no longer relevant and the use of its risk looking like a stranger.

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