How to seduce a woman with a help of your friend

by admin on June 2, 2012

Let’s talk about some rules on how to behave with your friends when you try to pick up girls. A common situation is to some friends like the same girl. Then starts the great trump. One tries to expose the other, he does responded with intrigue below the waist, the third says that the most robust and the fourth was a virgin – you get the picture.

If someone gave me 50 cents for every similar situation, I’ve seen, I’d be a richer man.

But what really happens?
What do you think the girl thinks and how to approach her with more effective way? The truth is that exposing your friends, and you expose yourself. However, any such person is almost the same as the closest people around him. Showing how incompetent they are, you’re lowering your own level of inteligence.
Cool people are classy and interesting, friends who would not screw around, who would not be turned back because of another beautiful girl. Remember in the beginning – you do not know anything about this girl and yet ignore or not care with your friends, just to chat with her. This reveals the bad things about you:
Show that there is a lot of friends, because obviously no respect for the people with whom you are and demonstrate that you are not real friends.
Show that there is much success with women, as are “wrestling” with his friends for a girl. If you had plenty of girls would not have done it.
Also produce too much interest and effort on it – without them it is deserved. Remember – the most beautiful girls, one who shows the least effort to take them off, eventually comes home with them.
Some rules for the wing-tion ( a glossary of basic terms ):
Do not ignore your friends for any strange beautiful girl. (Example – do not turn your back)
Do not screw with my friends to make you look cool to a girl. (As already mentioned – “cool man do not need to say how cool.”)
What you should do instead:
Friends should help each other in the to get the girl, not to be competitors. Consider a pair of beautiful girls, alone in the bar – they are a team and play together as a cut. I repeat – they are a team, not rival.
Always imagine your friends and take care of them to be entertained.
You want your friends to look like movie stars. In this way you and your rating dike, so treat them as such.
Imagine your friends properly. Simplified representation stories (which were so popular 3-4 years ago) do not work very effectively when your friend is there for looks artificial. It is better to make his performance while he’s gone. When he comes, you get out and he returns the favor, speaking for you. So everything is much easier.
Always give priority to their friends. If you say a couple for you everything is going perfectly, but your friend is experiencing problems with the other girl can say, “Look really nice to talk to you, but your friend is acting weird with my friend, not I be bored. ” Thus showing that both are high class. Usually, your girl will score some “sense” the head of the other.
Escalation in sync. The result is quite an awkward situation when one is pressed to the girl and the other just sits and looks uncomfortable.
Choose your girl and find out what to whom is, then, if your like others, can swap them, but only if both agree.
Another thing you should consider:
Best wings you can not interfere with the set! I know that traditional schemes teach another, but this is one of the new things in the pick up game. The reason behind it is that you and your wing have different “slick spots” to improve. When you work together to overcome “slippery spots” of both, as it is twice as complicated. As if you yourself only on your work if you fail – you know that you are guilty, not your friend is something wrong.

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