Four Basic Mistakes when flirting with woman

by admin on August 8, 2012

Flirt passes through three stages – attraction, comfort and seduction. This is the sequence. I will not talk about how does each of the stages and how to not make major mistakes that lead to severing of the opposite sex.
Avoiding major mistakes in your successful flirting will increase significantly (by putting the brake on the car) and will stand out from the mass of people.
Since man has to take the initiative will be talking about how the man should flirt with a woman. The principles are fully applicable when a woman is flirting with a guy (with some differences in techniques) and the text will be written, for clarity of the reader.
Error 1. Seducer
When the man entered a nightclub or meet a woman who likes to flirt, his approach is direct and Dating in the last stage – seduction. Usually uncertain men do something to mask their insecurity – drunk to show their stuff (car, suits, watches …) or otherwise.
After “hiding” behind these things and go with the idea of directly Dating begin to seduce the woman and talk about sex and sexual things in the moment and she put a hand tingle.
“Stranger, who does not attract me, I do not feel comfortable with it, wants to have sex?” There are rare cases when a woman is open to this type of relation and connection, but you want you be with her? What kind of woman must be to say “yes”?
Error 2. Good boy
This group is greater than all others combined. This mistakable approach is the start of stage comfort. “Where are you from? What is your name? What do you do? …. “Trying to understand who is a front of you by interviewing them. Although this is the most common approach, unfortunately it did not work. In this case the woman is simply boring, and it’s number 1 killer of relationships.
95% of women would not come out of the second meeting with a man, if the first was boring. Since most people have a gray and monotonous routine of knowing how to ignite sparks and they fall into this trap.
Women can even create sparks with the date they are with, just to see how the other person will respond and if the respond is not something they don’t like, they will continue forward with their daily life and not have a second date with the same person.
These are the people who once again be bound not want to break their relationship because they know what to do next, even if the link, which is inefficient and bad for them.
Error 3. Player
This group started creating right attraction creates sparks and then skipping ahead stage passes to the comfort and seduction. This type is Prison and often had sex with over 100 partners. Its partners have their “light” women seeking affair or frivolous and superficial and want casual sex with the players because they are just that.
If a woman is more mature looking or relationship rather than a late night feel nekomfortnost this type of men, because they know its essence. The truth is that in most cases have no substance, but just a nice package.
Often this group are quite lonely – evident when you deny them sex how unhappy and are actually small. Women often use them and when they want just sex (after separation, long time to dry, …) because they know that sex does not give up and are good at it.
Error 4. My best friend
This group began as creating attraction must then build comfort, but it stopped there because they have no courage to show his intentions. Do not touch the woman in any way other than fraternal and time passes and become best friends.
If the courage to kiss her for her is so strange that there is a feeling that her brother and snatches. The bad thing is that women want to have such a good friend with whom you can share everything and feel safe, but to have such a connection should be no sex between them.
When you need to break that relationship, because their brother run their hand, they also suffer because they lose their best friend. So often the best friend of women to be gay or husband of their sister or something else that makes them sexually incompatible.
This group most often after tineydzharstvoto virgins. They do not know how to touch a woman intimately, but they know how to play games with them and have fun. After losing her virginity often pass in any of the other groups. Something that is often said of them is “Let’s just stay friends.”
You talk about how groups and joined each one of them. This does not mean they all behave the same way. There are times when people or behave with different women in different ways – one player to another good guy with a third seducer and its just another friend.
Usually these are people who learn how to behave and not after years of setbacks and disappointments begin to walk the right path and “suddenly” fall in the relationship they have dreamed.

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