Seduction and sex

by admin on October 18, 2009

After a well played phases of Attraction and Comfort – seduction appears as quite normal for a relationship between you and the babe that hitting …

To “seduction” switch only when you have a convenient place for sex.

Otherwise risking later, she did not want to see again, even if the initial crush into a good game. Comfort is not the last chance is usually your place or her home (and become – for example, “vacation places – chalet, hotel, etc.). Just such a good place to escalate the relationship between sexual arousal to you. Here again the rule applies to “two steps forward – one back”. Slowly and gradually escalated as her following reactions (calibration). If your dwelling place is clean and let it be more or less tidy. If you live in a “pigsty” This is a very strong DLV and risking to ruin everything achieved so far and even directly to blown attraction. Have a few alcoholic and soft drinks in the refrigerator, which can suggest and also keep spare condom handy in your bedroom. There are no more disgusting than anything to see that something is broken condom / examples very dry / and no other hand. Bathroom and toilet must be in perfect condition – otherwise it’s pretty serious “atrakshan Killer:). Find a good reason to move from the living room to the bedroom, or even if you end up directly there is – even better – for example watching a movie or video on your computer is a good excuse to lie down on the bed in the bedroom, where you can start to escalate this film to sexual stimulation.

LMR – Last Resistance Before Sex.
/ Note: LMR may be missing, may be very slight given that you “played” the previous phases qualitatively. /
Reasons for LMR may have multiple – from “weak play in the previous phases, during the” not enough time (Comfort and trust) “to simply” activate the social agenda of the babe, if you do not say that at least one “should not do It is a whore, or at least too easy. LMR is now very thin and incorrect calibration can lead to the end of the relationship between you. Very often (in a good game) LMR did not have quiet and comfort will then have sex.
Here’s a few ways to counter LMR:

– Ignore (and the words) + perseverance
She says “I do not – must not do this, but her eyes and body language and talk different. Just ignore her words and keep escalating – slowly and quietly …

– Freeze out
She says “I do not – must not do that.” Calibration shows you that speaks seriously and ignore and persistence will not help (or have already tried them and she replied sharply). Then you move away – spoiled the atmosphere and the emotional connection between you – the world lights, stopping the music, etc. – And ignore it for a while (eg sit to check my mail on the computer). It is very important not to show annoyance, but rather – to say, “Well, I understand” and to show that you do not care. When they ask why ignore it and say that “You know her and respect her no, but it just kills every emotion in you – check out (or other emotionally non-entertainment) and offered to play. The idea here is to provoke in her action against the loss of pleasure for her emotional level. When you can not, and you come to continue the escalation of where you dropped it. If you do not come show gradual loss of interest in it – and show that they lost. And if that does not respond – it means you played poorly the previous phases and not enough Comfort and / or attraction. If you do not want to quit Seta here – go back a few steps back and began to escalate again gradually (Comfort + CINEMA). If you feel that it is pulling too much and does not make sense to move – just put out his lamp and went to sleep alone.
“Freeze-out” generally not a good technique to get to sex. Use it only in extreme cases, when I tried the “flexible persistence” and they are rough cut.

– Agreement on an emotional level + Escalation
She says, “No, not”. You: “You’re right, we should not” and continue. The largest rubbish that you can do when the brain and logical step in and cause LMR is to begin to argue on a logical level with her. So shut the game their own. Instead, agree to the logical level and keep escalate emotional. Example:
She: “No, not – can anyone hear us.”
You (wrongly): “Uff, you’re not good – at 3 o’clock at night, sleep all – who think that they will hear us ?”… She: “And though some may …
You (correctly): “Yes indeed anyone could hear us (and kissed) … “You can even see how we do it” (fondle her butt / chest / – for example) and continue …

Do not forget that in this last phase, though you must lead. Do not wait on it (although, and this happens) to escalate your attitude to sex for comfort.

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