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Kissing techniques

Kissing techniques

“He embraced her, pressed her to his chest, covered it with trembling, half-open lips with passionate kisses. Werther! – She exclaimed, breathless voice, turning away. – Werther! “This, of course, Goethe. Tell me how you kiss, and I’ll tell you who you are. The way you kiss a man, you can tell a lot about his character.

Even Plato was thinking about why people are so willing to kiss. His theory is as follows. Previously, a person resembling a ball. He had four arms, four legs and two heads, both male and female. This is a single creature, however, was too arrogant, and Zeus, angry, divided it into “male” and “female” halves. And only through a kiss, according to Plato, it will connect again. In any case, the separation was a punishment. Zeus is not going to give people pleasure … I miscalculated.

Two-thirds of the world’s population first kiss at age fourteen. Most Affectionate nation – the Germans. They kiss a day on average 3.2 times (in cheek), and 1,3 times give each other erotic kisses. Love for kissing again flared up in the 80 years of this century, and nobody knows why.

The science of kissing

What a lot of kisses, that, according to surveys of American Scientists, on average, live five years longer and not too often turn to doctors. During the kiss, the body produces a large number of neuropeptides. When they are activated, then destroy viruses and bacteria. Therefore stronger immune system. There neuropeptides, which act as doping Other comparable with painkillers – they are almost 200 times stronger than morphine. If a friend says that your kisses are doing, its insane, believe me – it’s the best compliment.

While kissing accelerated heart rate (to 150). Moreover, the frequency of strikes with a particularly strong excitation can be doubled. Pressure off scale. Lips swell. They are soft and pink. Therefore brightly painted lips – an erotic symbol. In every kiss – lips to lips – includes up to 34 different muscles. Clearly, at a cost and calories. Three-minute kiss – and 12 calories as neither happened. There is a suggestion that a kiss is “infectious” is dangerous. Oh no! Do not be afraid of infection, which allegedly transmitted by kissing. Among 13 tested from his hoarse only one partner infected. With every kiss in “possession” to give you millions of bacteria. But this does not mean mortal danger. In every human saliva contains enzymes and antibodies that can withstand any infection. In addition, saliva contains androsterone – a substance stimulating sexual desire.

Dry kissing

He does not kiss, he just wants to kiss her. His lips remain completely calm. He kisses so dry, as it can. Assume that the galloping scam was not for him. It is a reliable and solid partner in life.

Intense kissing

For him kiss – kind of attack. His lips do not look, they are assaulting. He bites into your lips passionately and so much that you both start to choke. Do not mess with him a long time. Enjoy a short-term bond.

Kiss – “bracket”

He needs closely. His arms embrace you, or he just can not kiss. He pressed to your whole body, every gesture shows how you need it. Here is a man who is looking for faithfulness, promises to her and often hold.

“Professional” kiss.

This is not just a kiss, a kiss of fireworks. It begins with a set of small kisses, as if he had a thousand lips. It sucks your lips, nibbling them bites. Kiss every time a new way He’s a good lover, but, alas, not too sure. With him will always seem like you are kissing a married man.

If you kiss my eyes are usually closed. Only 9 percent of men and women leave the eyes open.

With a kiss we send each other 60 mg of water, 0.7 mg of protein, 0.7 mg of fat, 0.4 mg of salt, 0.16 mg of secrets and millions of bacteria.

Nine out of nine adults keep memories of the first kiss of life. Longest “kinopotseluy” belongs to Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Hitchcock’s film “Notorious.” It lasted 11 minutes.

Recent American research has shown that there is a special male gene that causes the representatives of the strong half of humanity from time to kiss other men’s wives.

Japanese – the principal opponents of kisses. The survey showed that during the “kissing” scenes of television, most people in the country of the rising sun to switch your “box” to another program Love – a real, sincere and profound – leads to kissing, only 20 percent of adult Germans. The remaining 80 percent are satisfied with the fact that “just” fell in love.

“Kiss-record” belongs to Alfred Wolfram from the U.S. state of Minnesota, which for 480 minutes a woman kissed 8001

And now that you know absolutely everything about kissing, it’s time to apply their knowledge in practice.

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1 Maria April 3, 2013 at 7:25 pm

I think what matters is level of ineretst in being a good (compatible) kisser. If a guy just hasn’t been with someone really into kissing before but is open to spending time on developing that particular form of intimacy, great! Not only will you soon have the bliss of two guys getting off on great kissing, he’ll always attribute development of that particular trait to you. But if he’s simply not really into kissing? Thanks for trying.

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