Stacking Orgasms

by admin on November 20, 2009

Do you think that her orgasm will satisfy her?

Do you think that her orgasm will satisfy her?

Transform from Average Chump to a God in the Bedroom

Alright, so before I get into making you a sex god I just wanted to give you some background on how this stuff came to be. Is this something I just stumbled on one night? Yeah right. This technique is a combination of techniques that have been known to produce strong “effects” with women. It was a lot of “work” perfecting this technique…but it was work well spent (and I KNOW my “test subjects” did not mind one little bit) So here is the technique I use to give women mind blowing orgasms. As I have said before this is all about the oral sex. I personally don’t even think about getting pleasure for myself until I’ve given her at least 3 mind-blowing orgasms.

And trust me…if you can give her this kind of pleasure BEFORE the sex starts…it does not matter how small you think your penis is. You’ll have already blown her into another world – so much that anything more would just be an extremely awesome orgasmic bonus. And don’t worry. I am not going to stop there. I’ve also listed some exercises here that will get your sexual stamina to the point where you get to CHOOSE when to orgasm. If you follow these steps, women are honestly going to be addicted to having you in bed. This can be both a good and bad thing (more on this later). For now, here is the technique for stacking orgasms. This will get her melting into the bed before you’re even inside her…

Stacking Orgasms 101

First off, you should really exercise better judgment on WHO you perform oral on. I just don’t want you coming down with anything just because of a one night stand with some chick who’s been around the
block more than a few times. You know what I mean? Second of all – before you get started with this – give her a chance to go to the bathroom and take care of any business that needs to be done. I
highly doubt you two are just going to jump straight to the oral sex. There is probably going to be some sweaty make out session before or something. Give her a chance to go to the bathroom. Trust me, she’ll want to take care of some stuff and get a little “freshened up”.

Tease Her

Before you get into the hardcore oral sex, you need to build up the passion and the anticipation (much like you need to do with the actual sex). Caress her legs and kiss them as you get closer and closer to her vagina. Kiss her lips and just continue playing around them for a bit. Don’t be afraid to vary your moves at this stage. Remember that the whole point of this is getting her nice and excited. She should be wet and ready before you put your finger inside her and begin tonguing her clit. Alright, so now that you’ve got her wet and crying for more it’s time for the next step.

Your Middle Finger – Your Best Tool

This is going to be your main pleasure tool. This is the very thing that is going to get her wet and screaming for you in her sleep. Gently insert your middle finger and slightly curl it. Begin to gently rub it up and down the front wall. Don’t go to fast at first. Slow and steady is vital at this point. When you are running your finger up and down her front wall, be sure to apply some slight pressure. Enough for you to get acquainted with the surroundings. You are going to notice a fold which feels like a heap of tubes. As you run your finger deeper and deeper you will find a piece of swelling flesh. It is going to be a little more rough compared to the rest of the surroundings and the best way I can describe it is that it will feel somewhat spongy. Okay, now here is where you need to really pay attention her reactions. As you place pressure on that rough spot and continue rubbing around it, pay attention to how she reacts. This is that magical G-Spot. She will react fairly strongly when you place pressure on it. Now you may not be able to find it at first. That’s okay. Just keep playing with her and getting her hotter. As she gets hotter this spot will swell up a little more and it will be apparent. So now that you’ve found the magic button, is that it? Do you just push it and give her earth shattering orgasms? Hell no. Continue with your probing movements where you run your finger up and down the front wall of her vagina. Just pause slightly at the top (right on the spot) and play around there for a second or two before slowly rubbing back down.

Your Tongue

So this is called ORAL sex, right? True. So when all this is happening, you’re going to be exciting her on her OTHER magical spot. Her clit. So while you are doing all this action with your finger, you’re going to
play with her clit with your tongue. I really don’t think I need to explain where exactly the clit is. If you are reading this, then the chances are good you probably already know. And if you don’t…shame on you! Jokes, just do a simple Google search and you’ll find a bunch of health websites telling you exactly where it is. You have to start off putting VERY little pressure on her clit. Especially when you are still searching for her G-Spot. Once you do find it, then you are going to slightly increase the pressure on her clit as you continue to rub her up and down inside.
Continue to build the pressure gradually. Why? Because what are you doing is building up an orgasm from these TWO different spots at the same time. And what you’re going to do is make them happen together.
NOTE: As you are building the orgasm from two different spots, it can be easy to let her clit take over. So be sure to pause and take all the pressure off her clit if you find her coming close to an orgasm. Coordination between the two “magical” spots, my friends. This is vital. Stay with the current routine for a few minutes. This will be enough to get her all wound up and ready for the most intense orgasm of her life. Alright, now it’s time for the real fireworks. Now it’s time to give her the best feeling she’s ever had in her life. Honestly, the women I’ve been with have told me it’s nothing like they’ve ever felt before. Slide your finger fully in to her and just keep it on her G-Spot. By now it’s going to be a lot more swollen. Be sure to try out different spots on and slightly around the G-Spot. You want to find the EXACT place that is best for her. Again, this is all about watching for her reactions. Once you find that exact spot, you need to focus on that spot alone. DO NOT start pressing as hard as possible so that it hurts her. What I’m saying is that the pressure should be firm. Thrust on and off of that spot with a consistent rhythm. As you do this, you are now going to vigorously tongue her clit. Lick hard and fast.


Women HATE it when they get interrupted just before they’re ready to come. This happens when she is with some clueless guy who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. She’ll be on the edge of coming and then he’ll change what he’s doing and completely ruin it for her. Be consistent with your motions and rhythm on both the clit and the G-Spot at this point. She is going to be bursting to climax so don’t
mess it up for her by suddenly changing the pressure or the movement.

The Fireworks

You will know she’s coming when you feel a contraction pushing your finger out of her. Things are going to be very wet. She may even squirt if she pushes it out. I’ve found that a lot of women don’t do this out of fear that their going to pee (they won’t). So if you’re one of those dudes who enjoys to see women squirt, you will need to assure her that she’s not going to pee. Okay so after she has her first mind blowing orgasm, you need to ease up A LOT on the clit. Take off a lot of pressure and slow down on her spot with your finger as well (but leave it in). At this point, she’s going to think you’re done and that it’s her turn to pleasure you. Let her know it isn’t…yet. What you’re going to do is just repeat all the actions again. Start slowly (a little faster than the first time) and build her up again. She’s going to feel another shaking orgasm coming on in about 4-5 minutes. Get her off gain…and again. After about three orgasms she’s going to reach the point where she just automatically comes every 3-4 minutes. Beautiful. You’ve just stacked her orgasms and given her the experience that most men don’t even know is possible. She will see you as a sex god. Seriously. This is where the actual sex starts. By this point she’s going to be in absolute ecstasy so it wouldn’t even matter if you were the worst in the world at sex. Don’t worry though, you won’t be once you read about the techniques I use in a few minutes.
NOTE: Guys, think a little. If you are planning to do this with a woman, then cut your damn nails. The flesh inside of her is more delicate than you may think.

Crazy Women

This is very important. And I’m not joking at all when I tell you this. You need to be very careful with the type of women you do this with. This is something that can easily get women addicted to you. And
while that sounds awesome (it is at first) you will see how horrible it really is. There are women (the mentally unstable ones) that will repeatedly call/text/email/stalk you just so they can have that experience again. Before you give a woman this type of pleasure, you need to judge her mental stability.

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This explaintion is perhaps the most clear and least juvenile 😀 Thanks a ton!

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Perhaps I’m a little slow but where is the follow up post? On how to choose when to orgasm and techniques on sex tips for post stacking action?

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