Structure of the indirect Dating

by admin on October 18, 2009

Compliance with certain structure in the crush will increase your chances for success and will shorten the maximum time for which each girl would have had sex with you. This will save you wasting time and resources …

Dating in the indirect phases are three:
1: Attraction (Attraction)
2: Comfort and Reports + CINEMA
3: Sex and Seduction (Seduction)

So-called “good guys” – AFC-th mistakes directly to your comfort and go out a request or 1.3 (giving the appearance of valideyshan) when introduced to a beautiful girl. Example: “Hi, very beautiful … what do you do? … Can I buy you a beer? … What is your name? … why a beautiful girl like you just sit? … Can your company do? … Can we meet? … – Etc. – any such nonsense. So they show their interest and attraction to the girl and try to “buy” their interests and become more attractive in her eyes.
Pick-up Artist (PUA), which uses an indirect element in the early crush, zagovarya opener with casual or direct, but just an informative one. It does not show great interest in the girl in the beginning. Its aim is first to create interest and attraction to him.

Each phase is broken down into sub-parts.

The attraction for this are:
1.1: Opening / talking / Seth;
1.2: Create attraction to Seth and all the woman you like, by exhibiting a high rank / DHV + NEGs /;
1.3: Show an interest in chick they kefi (by giving valideyshan for something other than appearance).
This phase is a time of 20 minutes and is the most important in the game.

Then master of dating / PUA / isolated girl who has chosen and entered the Comfort phase:
2.1: Creating Reports and earn a nice common;
2.2: Creation of Trust;
2.3: Create an emotional connection.
This is the longest stage – approximately four hours. Here used non-verbal and verbal skills Svaliachi for creating reports and appropriate trust and connection with the girl. There are many uses CINEMA without crosses the border to sexual stimulation.

The last phase – seduction is easier because it is a product of the previous phases played well Attraction and Comfort:

3.1: Serious Cinema – Sexual excitation;
3.2: Resistance at the last moment (LMR). / may not have LMR /;
3.3: Sex.

At intermission, omission or confusion of components in the indirect Dating can happen following situations:
Mata a fool – a quick checkmate (Fool’s mate). When the jump directly to Attract Seduction not go through Comfort. The girl likes you – give indications of interest (IOI), you grab it – serious movies (sexual excitation) and beat her in the bathroom of the house or her to fast in your sex drive. (there are many risks and that which is the strongest emotion count – if the girl “feel” and scored his logical mind and they see just as broykadzhiya lose everything achieved so far).
The buyer’s remorse – (Buyer’s remorse). When carrying out an action only one naked emotion – often later regret it. For example, if you pass the border from the comfort of sexual stimulation and no place to have sex with babe – later, when she will seek it knows that looking for her to have sex, but the emotion is most likely no longer have it and it will to pull, even if you do respond.
Omit 1.3 – phase in which the babe seduces a man demonstrating his qualities with which he won df. This omission may seriously you download status and shows that in fact it is the prize that she has won only appearance – as any other man.

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