4 Ways to pick a girl from Skype or Facebook

by admin on November 2, 2012

I will give you four techniques that worked for me in 9 of 10 cases.

First – choose girl (if you have known better).

Second – need to open the conversation in engaging way. Lines like “What’s up” are not good, you need to be a little bit more creative than that.

Third – the goal is chatting to evolve so that it speaks more of you until you find what excites her most at the moment. Once you have understood the roles change and you begin to speak on this topic.

It is good to know interesting facts about the topic that you are talking about and when the conversation really reach the point where you both can’t stop speaking about it you need to come up with an excuse that you have something to do and leave the chat room.

Fourth – after a day or two, go back to Skype or Facebook etc and wait for her to appear, but do not write her anything. If it was interesting for her the last time, or have any interest of you she will contact you immediately. This time talk about her routine, or where she was during these 2 days and what she was doing.

The goal is to move the conversation to the last state of 2 days ago. The difficult part is however the speed of the answers are and the actual answers to understand if she is interested of you.

Once you have find that out then it is time to push gently and imperceptibly out any suggestion or something to go somewhere. Then from there you should already know what to do.

PS On writing speed and responses. Closed responses like “yeah, Yep, are used to the or simple emotions are not a good sign, it means that it is boring or even that they she is not reading what you write.

Slower responses mean many things, but mostly that she is writing with more than 1 or 2 people at the same time, if so hold back interest and to ignore others, not you. The goal is to receive long complete answers to keep the conversation open. Good luck.

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