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by admin on October 22, 2009

Many misconceptions and outright lies can be read and / or heard from so-called “Pick-Up Gurus”.

All aiming to make art of quality crush a cult, but ultimately just as detrimental to repel people who actually “inside the game and know what they are talking. Here are the most widely known – spreading fallacies:

1. Money do not matter.
– This phrase is so absurd that I do not know whether the general would be valid in some sphere of modern life.
– Lack of a lot of money can be offset by appearance, alpha behavior, body language, etc.. But “social status” – “money” are part of the crush and that’s a fact.

2. The appearance does not matter.
– Appearance and radiation are extremely powerful and important factors in each truck. You can not be excluded but can be compensated with money.

3. Must constantly leader. Lead.
– Do not. It is true that good leadership skills you save a lot of time in which a woman will have sex with you. Liderstvane too much, however, will turn against you and become unpleasant. Is verified – a fact!

4. You have to be extremely positive.
– Ye shall not mandatory. There are countries and cultures, where each person zagovaryane outside environment you have a label to do so positively. In Bulgaria there is no such label. Positivism helps in some instances, but its absence does not prevent women to take off.

5. You have to get to laugh and have fun pass you by.
– This is just extra, which in some cases it helps. One clarification: Very calm and quite easy to do sex with her if you roaring you on the shoulder and soothing her without ever have fun and laugh.

6. Should not become her friend, but just the dude who wants to fuck her.
– This frame / inner tuning / is double-edged sword. Large percentage of women did not just wound someone knocked them – be it even the most iakia guy in the world. Excessive enforcement on a girl that your frame can totally alienate her from you, despite the initial interest. To become her only friend is also not a good idea. Find the right balance between the two frames.

7. “Go and buy her flowers and candy to be a very bad thing.
– There is nothing wrong in the very fact we give flowers to the woman you love. Worse, if this is trying to buy her interest or her to be like. Will not happen.

8. If enough “alpha” women alone will come to you.
– Possibly – if you’re very cute and very rich will enjoy the interest on the part of women. / examples: Cristiano Ronaldo, brother Pete, etc. /. This, however, are very extreme examples, they advise not to rely on them. If you want to have real confidence man must learn to approach YOU hitting and women.

9. If you are into chicks with two other women right hand is wet and offer themselves for sex.
– There is no such thing. Eventually “this event” just raises your rank, but nothing more.

10. To draw is like to prune my own head.
– Enough to draw you to know how and when to do it. Almost same as the purchase of flowers. No problem at the very abstraction.

11. Compliments are a bad thing.
– Compliments are great things when they are sincere, not pattern. Do not forget – the interest alone does not create interest, but has created increasing interest.

12. Being confident and fun is the key to success.
Depends to what extent. In most cases, to be funny and self-esteem with your rank raises. If, however, become too insolent to his patio and his fuck else “ready for bed” set.

Itself not something wrong / any technique, whether action was words / when trying to download some girl. It is important to know, however, when, what and how it’s done. No two crush that to 100% similar to one another and calibration is the foundation of success.
Example 1 – dumb to come in with abstraction, but is extremely relevant in the advanced stage of sets to order a large cocktail for two / her without asking or two identical drinks and brought them to drink together. Ways in which it can do to escalate the level of your connection sets in very quickly.
Example 2 – dumb is in a position to show off your hot car, but is useful in advanced sets to propose to move somewhere / using the same car /. Testimony – casual status is tens of times more effective than direct puff.

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1 Jennah April 3, 2013 at 3:19 pm

I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without konwing that.

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