The dating game on the street !

by admin on October 22, 2009

The game on the street F.A.Q.

The advantages of the game the streets have a lot and still let the main note:

1. Plenty of people and of course beautiful girls
– Honestly, since I play in the streets – discos, parties, clubs and bars become uninteresting to me (use them as a place for the next step of the truck – and very rarely dating). Even in the most overcrowded disco – beautiful women are not more than 10 and usually of access to them is very limited / loud music, the presence of a friend, a large group – which is not a quality you can play for the spot, etc. / . On the street / place to speak with a strong stream of people / beautiful women are practically inexhaustible. For about an hour can safely open (and close) at least 10 Seta with beautiful women and during this time around you continue to pass and pass sets with beautiful girls.

2. Otsvirvaneto here really does not matter
– We all know that we should not care when we otsviryat and that it does not matter. And if you reach a level of inner game – where you really do not care – then the outside world things are not right. At the disco, bar, pub, party – when otsviren by a girl or group – and when this is noticed by girls and other groups – that strongly reduces the chances you Pickup successful one for another girl group. Alternatively – the coupon when you try to download a girl and after a certain period of time she otsviri smetnesh or just that it will not happen to her and decided to move to another – it’s failure in your previous Seth again significantly reduces the chances you to follow (for various reasons – have noticed that: you have already rejected, its nowhere – transfer of girl girl, etc.). Set each on the street is new and no information about you – even if they cut it to 10 approach in 11th Seth is no way to know about it and this will affect them, they automatically cut off.

3. On the street you have a clear and accurate picture of where you (in Seta) and whether you have real IOIs
– In other places where girls sit and you approach them – they will become and go (except in rare cases) simply because they do not like. Rather your attention (such as on-site disco, bar, party, etc.) gives them a Rank (social proof) and even for that they will stand and I will listen to a half-hour – until finally their friends do not come to them taken (for example). That you lose tons of time – to really find Seth, which will have success. On the street – every second, which stands Seta and they listen and communicate with you – means that you stand for. This is the biggest IOI, which can receive and it is real. If you screw somewhere or they lose interest – will simply go away. Exactly that – the streets – it all depends on you myself, and your only options, not just to sit Seta because they are already sitting at that table (for example) and to pretend that it is fun to you – just because without you it would be even more boring.

Questions / Answers F.A.Q.

– Slayer, a girl can really be pulled off the street?
– Categorically. Social programming creates a contradiction in each of us reminding us that the street is no place for dating. This is pure nonsense – there is no problem to Pickup girls on the street.

– And may lead to sex with a girl with which you are aware of the street?
– Absolutely … And not only … – You can find many quality girl for LTR or other friends for … Even I am sure that girl for marriage if goals / can you catch – but the latter is Unverified by myself – so do not argue with that 100% security.

– Hmm, how many girls you met on the street?
– Hundreds if not thousands (and I would not want to remember the number – is huge). I remember when I was around 17-18 years old – I had exactly 3 girls in the phonebook. They were not anything special, but I kept these three numbers and consider them a great value. Now almost every month delete dozens of numbers – the girls with the appearance of the models – for lack of time to communicate with them or because I have been disappointed in any way, etc. If, years ago someone telling me that it is possible to reach such a level that can wipe phones super beautiful girls – just because you have no time for them (from other beautiful girls) – I laughed it (admit it wholeheartedly). ..

– I went out on the street, I stopped a few girls and their handsets, or wanted to lead them to coffee and they gave me – it is not so man …
– Хехе, somewhere I am told it is so simple – so if it was any man would come out of there and to every woman … Game of the street is unique in itself and has its own rules and structure. This woman can stop and simply want the number to be frivolous and lazy – which is “rewarded” with otsvirvane (in most cases).

– But I do not want to become acquainted with nekvi the street and they are my friends?
(muhahah – as it is iztarsiha me laughing one minute and then my response was: “Of course – for you will viknem particular nekvi by Sheraton or Royal Palace).
– My friend, the people on the street are those people who are discos, bars, coupons, etc. Social programming speak with you – how people on the street is dangerous and dreadful … just – there is no such thing …

– I’m afraid to zagovaryam people on the street – will explain and will laugh at me …
– This fear is completely normal and everyone there. Remember: “Courage – not if you have no fear – courage to fight with their fears.

– Street play a more difficult game than it is elsewhere?
– Yes and no. Let’s put it this way – “Game of the street is the most difficult game (for example: the street from you face tones social programs in girls), but it is also most grateful Game. Mastering know it – you will not have any problem with game sets in other places.

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