Stages in the development of the pickup artist

by admin on October 22, 2009

This topic is for people who really want to take or have already entered the path of truck.

To develop themselves as cool and attractive man who has choices in life, it’s time that I believe every man should go. The theme is the result of my experience as a three pickup artist, and from my observations on the lives of many people involved with pickup.

First stage:
At some point in their lives every man understands that relationship and communication with women having greater depth than he has ever thought. Whether the result of a failed relationship or just out of curiosity he found this site. Then begin to read and absorbed. Learned many new things, including advice from other men with different backgrounds than his. If it is truly motivated begins to apply the lessons learned in their social circle. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Get situations where he feels nekongruenten, but most important is that he is doing something about it and experiment. If his social circle is large enough it may over time develop and be successful. At this stage it is still fear of strangers zagovarya women. Most men remain just that stage.

Second stage:
This is the stage which felt that the social circle is not enough. He saw all these beautiful women on the streets, shops, clubs and facilities and decided that still would not be so bad if the nerve to speak to any of them. With a trembling voice, he made his first aprouch. Then again and again. Hereafter have two choices:
– To continue to develop myself. For everyone is different, but judging from my experience will be very difficult and will take a long time. Requires extremely strong motivation and willingness to go beyond the usual framework and to test a new, unconventional and different things. Few people have it all. But with the desire, effort and time it will happen. Yet it is quite difficult to fight alone. Study solely on the principle of trial and error. Most give up before they achieved the desired objective.
– Another possibility is to attend a seminar or to undergo Workshop on pickup-project. Difference here is that a few days to learn what else you would take months or years. There are instructors who walk shoulder to shoulder with you and show you the mistakes, learn the language of the body in the calibration set, the small moments, break their comfort zone and leave the psihilogicheskite blocks that they stopped. You learn about new people who also follow the same path and draw expertise from them.
At this stage, the novice is still felt uncomfortable using techniques rut stories and learned from others. Its success is very variable. But began to see results. Starting to feel the power to enter into a new world.

Third stage:
Realize that the only thing they stopped always been your own. This stage is the stage of deep awareness that you are responsible for everything in your life that do not need the approval of others and that you are cool and valuable only for what it was you. Already feel that you have no desire to use techniques and strategies behind which to hide. Allow your true essence to come to light in their communication with people. While changing their lives and their way of seeing. Creating the lifestyle, that you enjoy and which attracts natural women. People want to be part of you and your life. We strive for their dreams to their goals in life and understand that the principal in all this is to have a quality life and women are just a nice addition to it. All this seems so simple but in reality it is very difficult to achieve. Must pass through the previous phases, the character is built according to the difficulties that you passed.

Fourth stage:
Every day you wake up, live and sleep with their new beliefs and new way of thinking. Communicating with people is fun. Not having to think about iteraktsiite with them. Everything happens naturally. I felt completely able to accomplish everything you want, whether they be in love or in life. No longer exit to hitting women, appears to interact with people. Regardless of what you wanted at the beginning of his way / in a relationship, sex with many women, or even traditional monogamous link / you already achieved it. Hereafter only reap results. I’m not saying that this is the end. Man is obliged throughout his life to evolve. There are always new challenges.

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