How to seduce a woman with Eye Contact

by admin on November 19, 2009

Seduce a woman with your eyes

Seduce a woman with your eyes

This is one of the easiest ways for a woman to judge whether a
man has confidence in himself (and what he is saying) or not.
When you are speaking to a woman, you should hold eye contact
about 90% of the time. When she is speaking to you, 50%-60% of
direct eye contact is a good amount.
When you are speaking you need to be completely locked into
what you are saying to her. Engaging her with eye contact conveys
you are confident in what you are saying to her and believe it is
important enough that she SHOULD be hanging on your every
single word.
When she is speaking to you, 50%-60% eye contact is often the
optimal amount you should hold eye contact. You want to remain
in the conversation, however holding constant eye contact will
make you seem very needy and desperate.
Just think about a guy who never gets the chance to talk to
women. When he is talking to one, he is probably so desperate to
keep her engaged that he gets way too locked into the
conversation. He wants to keep her attention by giving her his full attention. This does not work, so forget about it. Looking
constantly into their eyes will 1) freak them out, and 2) make them
Do you want to be the creeper or the boring/desperate guy?
Didn’t think so.
Hold eye contact 90% of the time when speaking, and 50%-60%
when she is speaking to you.

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