The 5 Big SEX MYTHS That Are Holding You Back From Sizzling Sex With Your Man

by admin on January 17, 2012

Special Report For Women:
And welcome to this special report.
You’re about to uncover the myths that have misled many women
and replace them with great tips to become a sex goddess.
Let’s jump straight in…

Sex Myth #1: Men don’t like foreplay
Yes, men love intercourse, there’s no mistaking that but men also love being teased, touched. (And no, not just down there!) There are several other places that men love being played with too. While many of these places are obvious, like the lips, groin, and inner thighs, there are also areas that, when stroked, caressed and kissed, can drive your man wild and even intensify their sexual experience.
Believe it or not, the ears, neck, arms, chest and scalp are all really sensitive areas that men love to have stimulated. Spend some time during foreplay caressing and touching these areas, and watch how it pleases your partner.

Sex Myth #2: Men prefer to initiate sex
Yes, men often initiate sex but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love getting pounced on too!
If you don’t usually initiate lovemaking, you definitely owe it to yourself to give it a try. Not only will it flatter him to know that you love him enough to rip his clothes off but it also mixes things up and breaks the normal pattern of lovemaking.
Stuck for ideas?
Try stripping slowly when he least expects it or kiss him passionately and start to undress him. There’s nothing like the rush of excitement he’ll get from having such an adventurous experience.

Sex Myth #3: Men prefer skinny women
We live in a funny world. With airbrushed celebrities in magazines and dangerously skinny Hollywood stars, there is an INCREDIBLE amount of pressure put on women today. In fact, many women feel like they’re not sexy enough for their man and think that he’s often fantasizing about women with a super model’s body.
Men actually enjoy flesh on a woman. They love a woman with beautiful curves. Yes, some men go out with women for their skinny bodies but these men are shallow. Not exactly the sort of man you’d want to spend your time with anyway, is it? Your personality – the fabric of who you are – is what your man fell in love with, not your body. Remember that! Having said that, if body image is something you struggle with you can take little steps to build up your confidence. Hot tip: Blue light bulbs create a glow that makes your skin appear smoother. You’ll both love exploring each other’s bodies this way.

Sex Myth #4: Men don’t like romantic gestures
Don’t think your man would appreciate some romance to spice things up? Think again! Everyone loves a thoughtful and kind gesture. You could arrange rose petals on the bed, light candles or even incense. He’ll absolutely LOVE YOU for this. Just imagine how happy you would feel if someone went to all the trouble to create a special lovemaking occasion that you could cherish in your memories for years to come. Your man will be blown away by the experience. Not to mention, he’ll probably feel closer to you too.

Sex Myth #5: Keeping sex fresh, new and exciting is easy

Keeping your love life hot and steamy is a lot harder than it seems. While there are books out there that boast hundreds of sex positions, did you know that there are really only 8 basic positions? And apart from the occasions when you make love somewhere different or light some candles, how are you going to keep lovemaking interesting next week?… and then the week after that? Plus TIME is another challenge. When you factor in: looking after the kids, work and your daily todo’s, there’s very little time left to sit down and relax, let alone bury yourself in the computer screen to keep sex sizzling.

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