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10 things to know if she love you

10 things to know if she love you

If a girl on the phrase: “Do you love me?” Mysteriously silent, no need to hurry to take her silence for assent. In this article you will find a few signs that will be able to understand that it just leads you by the nose. If you feel the similarities, then you merge.

For you, life without this girl does not make sense. You live from one meeting to you to spend money without an account, you are ready to prove his love to her in all ways, including the removal of the moon from the sky … You’re sure that she, in turn, is not indifferent to you, but for some reason takes a strange indecision. You humbly waiting for, when, finally, it will give you the signal. And still no signal and no.

If a girl on the phrase: “Do you love me?” Mysteriously silent, no need to hurry to take her silence for assent. Here are a few signs showing that it just leads you by the nose.

1) She says she “loves you so.” If you think it is ethereal angel, it’s nothing. But if in your presence, she herself seemed disembodied angel – you have zero chance. The fact that she speaks with the word “love” – does not matter. Do not think that women differ from men more than a hamster on a tractor “Belarus”, but about “love” of different varieties of them, indeed, say ten times more frequently than men. If she loves you the same affection, a cat Banderas, singer Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cream “Pill” – you still too early to order wedding rings. If she persistently repeats that “loves you as a friend (brother, friend, grandfather, grandmother), a loud smack on the cheek and frowned contemptuously at any hint of sex – it means that you, of course, a nice guy, but it is from you feel sick.

2) She brings you something, it repels. After a pleasant evening in a restaurant, wine and languid music, it somlela and you were kissing under the moon all night until morning. Then you took her home, reveling in victory. But the next day discovered that you have not reached. When I met you, she is still sweet and cold, while trying to kiss her – is suspended and makes innocent eyes, so that soon you begin to feel that this night of love you just a dream. Creaking heart, you also start to behave with restraint. Then she suddenly becomes a surprisingly affectionate and makes a promising hints and tender regard to handle your shoulder. But should you believe her flirting and raznezhitsya with you again begin to be treated like a insolent puppy, get the habit to jump on the table for biscuits. Live with the sad truth: You just live for her trainer to the ability to flirt, expander, where it pumps up their skills to deceive.

3) It does not gives you or otdarivaetsya trifles. Gifts – a very important indicator of the level of relations between people. Not so bad at the New Year banquet to present the director’s wife lace bra, how to get from his lady on Valentine’s Day box of paper clips or “Help young atheist. If gifts are not intimate – relationships are not intimate. If the answer to your gifts of love, she teaches you little thing under the motto “Do not spit at me – I give you some use” should be, it does not really seek to bring you joy and hint at the possibility of other, more sweet, gifts. If you are her gift to the spirits, and she to you – the cud, or you to her – her picture in the pink bathing suit, underwear, and she’ll Chinese diary – it means that you for it to mean no more than a neighbor on the porch.

4) In your quarrels you always ask for forgiveness first. Suppose your bunting as honorary co-driver at a speed of 120 km / h road map laid out across the windshield. You have escaped some of emotive expressions. Is it true that you are on the next day running to give her flowers and chocolates? And if it happen that you have been caught kissing her with some dudes, and this dude you will ruin your shoes all the hair, is it true that you will then implored her to “forget and forgive everything? And if she was late for a meeting and a half hours – not whether you find yourself in this ponesesh guilty and severely punished by deprivation of the right to keep her coat while she visits the ladies’ room? If your answer is “yes” – it means that your relationship can not be called equal. It simply does not value you.

5) Your relationship is a long time do not move off dead center. If you are frozen at the level of cinema and an amusement park “- this is the end. Even if you’re stuck at the stage of regular (once a week, on Fridays from 19:00 to 19:15) hurried sex in the locker room sports club – it is also impossible to call a full-fledged love affair. And if you do everything on its part to reduce the distance between you, and she quietly sabotaging all your efforts – this is a dangerous sign. Maiden’s indecision in this case – is a complicated and boring way of saying that she is not interested in you, and simply finds no reason to get rid of you. If she did not have six months to decide on the next step, perhaps, she did not do it ever … If you feel that you have long buksuete in one place, so the wheels you have something that strongly resembles a swamp.

6) It tells you about another man. Of course, you think that this is a sign of special trust between you. I humbly sit in the evening, crushing in his jealousy and listening to her left with a nose like a villain. You’re hoping that someday she will appreciate your loyalty and dedication, so favorably with lousy temper the hero of her novel, and fall in your safe embrace. If you came across a young lady with the “sacred fire” in her chest, she still will face you in a dramatic pose and will articulate its fascinating spiritual struggle: “I’m going to tear that feeling from my heart! I overcome this shameful weakness! I have a man who understands me and loves. The best bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, I must, I can, I’ll show … “- etc. Inform the amateur chamber music performances: all this means that you have for it – another girlfriend in front of which can be nice to suffer, now that the professional scene could not get through. Her heart belongs to another.

7) She calls you only when it is something from you need. Do you think that if she calls you a few times a week, then other evidence that she is in love with you by the ears, is not required. But if you remember, then each of you call begins with the phrase: “You could not have …” “And do you have?” And “Can you ask for …”. She even takes the initiative to periodically meet together to do something: to bring the cottage chair, fix a vacuum cleaner, to help it establish an integrated software package, “Make up a strategic purpose, or ease off rats in the cellar – a little romantic sessions for lovers? But she has never wanted to see you just like that, without some urgent matter. You’re proud of what you need it. Well, it’s true, you’re for it – Money for service bureau, taxis and loan bank in one bottle. But the love here is not with it, it just nice to sit on your neck.

8) She laughs at you. Your girl does not miss a chance to hone his writing, already sharp as a razor, tongue or zalivisto laughs, when in her presence, someone else is practicing their wits on your growth, jobs, nose jobs, the amount of money and original hair styles your mom? Do not think that it is just so cheerful and mischievous, and that mocking word – this is just vibrations of air that does not cost anything, but in my heart it you gently and tenderly loves. Love – the grave for a sense of humor. Judge for yourself: if someone in your presence say, that your love is like Winnie the Pooh, which forced a pedicure – you do not become happy cackle, and is absolutely insulting on the offending organ. And if she calmly and even with enthusiasm allows others to laugh at you and she does not lag, it means that she does not only likes, but not respect.

9) She shows interest in you only if you feel that you can escape from it. While she is confident in your crazy love, she does not even try to pretend that you need it. She wipes his feet on you and insults you in front of your friends. Blind man can see that your love is hopeless. At some point you have to humble ourselves and determined are sending a brutal tormentor to hell (of course, not loud at all honest people, as did a bow-legged cowboy in a dusty hat, and himself alone with the fifth a beer). You stop chasing that ice queen, getting to know a pretty GIRL and slowly begin to feel better. It may be your fatal love calls you herself, and solemnly declares that you broke up into small pieces of her tender heart. In severe cases, it had declared to you at home, it is absolutely on the cheeks or in the innocent and the assistant will mysteriously hinting at suicide. Flattered, you quickly return to their former position at her feet. Do you think that once she’s jealous of you, it means she loves you. But in reality, it’s not jealousy, it’s a healthy instinct Kulak brazen possessive.

10) It is absolutely not concerned about your career. It is bad when a woman is interested exclusively in the financial status of his men. Even worse, if at all they are not interested. Unselfishness loving woman is fundamentally different from the indifference of a stranger, who was quite concerned by your successes and failures. If you express concern that you are about to be asked to work, and it takes the conversation to a nasty hairdresser, which is “absolutely not do something that I wanted” – should be your problem any way can not shake her composure. And if it is satisfied with the scandal because of the fact that you can not accompany her to a party, because it’ll be busy until late in the service – apparently, it generally does not correlate your career with your life plans. Probably, it is not at all on you, no plan, and your life for it is as alien as a distant galaxy. Happened there global thermonuclear war – the echo of explosions did not disturb her curls.

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