The benefits of the smile when you are dating

by admin on October 31, 2009

Smile benefits

Smile benefits

Smile on! I’m not kidding, go to the mirror and just smile. Do you like this smile? Before I screw a couple of clever sayings, stay, please, a little more before the mirror. Show only cheerful mood. Got it? Well, a slight smile? Hormalno? Then the gift itself hardly restrain a smile (well, if you’re trying hard to hide a smile)? (If well received, try somehow to her in an unknown person in transportation: Take a look, keep a smile poluotvernis. Every second of those to whom visitors will begin to recover, or to inspect themselves. This simple technique, sometimes you can have a turn “harmful” satellites are actively hindering the conversation). And now, smile on his face. Your sincere smile, she likes you? Okay, so far enough, and at leisure poekperimentiruy with a cold smile, with a protective, with a surprised, confused, friendly, and others. There are many, though not it? I almost forgot: Before reading further, Decorate a slight smile and barricade ten minutes.
There is a medical term – contraction. Just try once lift a hand, after you took off with her lying plaster month! Contracture. In general, the implied violation of the mobility of joints or stiffness of muscles. Later, the term is changed slightly, and crawled in psychology. Look at the faces of people on the street: sometimes you can catch wanton grimace of disgust and sometimes fear, sometimes sullenness. Psychological contracture. The man most likely long lived in fear or was in an unpleasant situation that caused the corresponding mask on his face. Ho ran down the days, and the muscles are getting used to the new position. And the stimulus disappeared, and print on the face remained. Do you know how often hamyat so dejected and frightened? After watching – I’m glad, if you are not among them.
Coming from the street, immediately look in the mirror. After some time, comfortably placed in front of him and then look at his face. In both cases – what can you say about the mood of the people and meet him on the street you? If this is not something neutral, consider, first bell rang out: We must relearn. Relax. If it is difficult to manage, has conducted experiments immediately after sleep. Bring tranquility on his face. Remember that feeling. Smile. Again, calm down. A couple times a day, more often, the better, look in the mirror and in control. For all right? Then it was time to smile. Bring that all the smiles from the first paragraph you like. Hedavno I saw a beautiful girl. I thought, beautiful, yet she did not smile – it was like more than to grin, at night I would certainly scared. And when he looked in the mirror and noticed that my smile a little asymmetrical. For a couple of weeks corrected. And I had blurred the boundaries between some smiles, and I sincerely expressing joy, did not really know what was in my face. Now I know how it looks, and I can control my face.
By the way, may have been cut off ten minutes? Still smiling? And as facial muscles, not tired? First time by doing this, I’m pretty tired. Psychological contracture – these muscles are not accustomed to working. Now smekni if the muscles get tired so quickly, would smile, spirit live long in your face without any special training? Right. You know, I noticed that the number of girls’ views on me increased about twice or thrice. Smile, like a magnet, attracting these views and others smile. Action!
Do you ever have to watch over those who are you smiling? And I noticed that I had it only been friends and friendly people. All the girls I’m not smiling, but the more I liked the girl, the worse I was. In idiot! But in fact it is the same habits and anchors from which need to get rid of. Last, how do you react to different situations, the result can be quite unexpected. You know how wonderful smile just for those who like it? As it flies from pole mood? One can not help you become an optimist. Try it! Day, week, month – and the result is sure to succeed!
And when you get, you have already forget loneliness, believe me.

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