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by admin on October 27, 2009

finger seductionPalm – one of the richest parts of the nerve endings of the body. And it means – working with the palm, you refer directly to the brain is a partner, including the most intimate and deep emotions. True, huh?

Our everyday lives are filled with daily activities. Boring mode, standard exercises and postures, familiar environment, bored environment and the role of communication – form the perception of the world, adjusting the work of the brain at a certain (often – not the most successful) way. The effectiveness of communication, the opportunity to live a bright and decent life, to solve the most difficult tasks – are directly dependent on the ability of the brain to use its reserves, functioning in the most unexpected modes. Additional Resources mentality, flexibility and productivity of the brain are needed in seduction, business, career and sport. And these resources have everyone – but many are blocked by laziness, lack of practice, education, and limiting beliefs, traumas and negative experiences.
Features of the body and the soul of a man who daily sees the same thing, performing similar, often boring, monotonous action on algorithms that are small. After the usual set of gestures, words and thoughts, attitudes limits the creative possibilities, forming a very small number of “ossified” connections between nerve cells in the brain.
But for successful communication and seduction is often a need for flexibility and originality in conjunction with a partner – at least for the fact that to avoid stereotypes of others, to feel her (his) true self, to stand out from the crowd a gray mediocrity. Then a set of standard gestures and phrases will not do …
In order to “enable” hidden reserves of the human psyche Different methods and techniques – sports and travel, psychedelic drugs and esoteric practices, special equipment and unusual situation. These methods allow us to use those muscles and nerves, structure of the brain and the subconscious level, that normally are not used, are suppressed.
One of the powerful techniques of influence on the person – kinesthetic interaction. Kinesthetic effects (effects directly touching the body) – the oldest (but very inhibited in modern humans) form of communication. Bodily sensations already appear in the most primitive of mollusks, and worms – in the course of evolution they emerged much earlier than vision and hearing. So, the sensations experienced by the body, are perceived much more ancient – hence, more powerful levels of the psyche.
Touching the body of the partner (the word “partner” will be called every person with whom you communicate), we deploy the most ancient, formed hundreds of millions of years ago, the instincts and the program of empathy and support, fear and obedience, trust and vzaimoprityazheniya. Bodily sensations are always closely linked with emotions and mood. Visual and auditory signals are well controlled by consciousness, but the body does not lie. We can deceive ourselves and the partner’s beautiful and clever words, create an attractive appearance and image, provide a vivid visual image, but create a false sense of very complicated. Similarly hard to create both conscious and subconscious protection from emotional impact of touch. Can doubted the veracity of the words and the sincerity of the vote, to form a powerful barrier against intellectual manipulation, but a sensitive, skillful touch easily destroy all meaningful protection, far-fetched beliefs and social roles.
Urban civilization with its sedentary lifestyle and a host of social conventions inhibits motor activity. Formal and unwritten rules of decency limit the ability of physical contact with another person. And it means – virtually any non-standard for the human touch of our culture – this is already a powerful break the usual pattern of perception. But a strong sharp break pattern, unusual sensations, as we know, leads to a state of trance. Namely, in a light trance and occur deep understanding, the best seduction and most successful training.
Thus, the physical impact on another person can run deep and very ancient mechanisms for understanding, strongly affects the emotions, can “circumvent” the protection of the subconscious of even the most harmful and bitchiness partner and, of course – powerful and completely free “kryshesnos” giving key to a very interesting and useful to states.
Only trouble is – we live in a culture that for many historical reasons, is not desirable to most physical contact – especially between a man and a woman. “Taboo” and prohibitions on touching lie so deep in the subconscious, that many do not even think about their existence. So gently scratched or roughly hug your favorite girl or a tired fellow desirable – may be very wrong to understand. However, there are several available, and even officially encouraged by the society of bodily contact, including – among unfamiliar people. And above all – massage.
Massage can be ordered to call any contact with the body of another person, which made for a specific purpose and structure of the body is not destroyed (if the body is deformed, it is not massage, manual therapy or torture:). Massage arose from time immemorial – the first therapists may be called already rubbing against each other primitive jellyfish. Touches to certain parts of the body from the time of the dinosaurs symbolized a threat to animals, erotic excitement, interest …
Many of the techniques demonstrated by therapists, we can observe already in communion monkeys and rodents, elephants and predators. Animals “trampling” and razminayut legs are tired or sick body relatives.
Thus, the benefits of massage in communication – in general:
The first – an appeal to the very ancient mechanisms of the mind and instincts of another person, which are badly mind control.
Second – to influence the state of the body, health and emotions of the partner. Simultaneously, we produce both physical and mental effects.
The third – a free, powerful and spontaneous trance, which brings pleasure to your partner, and usually does not cause resistance.
Fourth – the achievement of the minutes of such contact, mutual understanding and rapport, which would require a massage without a clock, or even days and months.
And seduction – specifically:
Massage allows you to quickly and easily get close with your partner, arrange a powerful “kryshesnos and profitable stand out from the crowd, to overcome the many barriers that arise in the ordinary intercourse, and of course, to understand what truly feels and experiences the other person. Many of the massage movements themselves sexy. Acute emotions, deep rapport and new sensations – it is always great! And appear before the lovers in the role on a strange (of course, the ancient and secret … Hush!) Technology – the same super-abilities!

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