Where to get acquainted with a woman

by admin on October 31, 2009

Place where woman live

Place where woman live

Here’s the answer: if you want to meet women, you must go to places where they live.

Here’s the answer: if you want to meet women, you must go to places where they live.
If you like athletic women, go to the fitness center or spend a time in a cafe near the gym.
If you like sublime girls, begin to take lessons in yoga and meditation.
If you like big women, sign up for courses weight loss.
Here you with me agree?
I say that you should put yourself in the most favorable conditions for dating with a woman.
Right place to find a woman – is to visit bars and nightclubs. But it is also the right place to find sexually concerned guys who are trying to pick up these women.
I will explain later how to be successful in different situations, but at this point I would like you to think about where you would like to get acquainted with the woman. And he began to go there.
A great place to get acquainted with a woman – is online. If you need a practice of communicating with women, invest in AOL-membership. For $ 23.95 a month you can chat with women 24 / 7. I see AOL as a “women-simulator. You connect, you start a conversation and at the other end of women-simulator provides feedback on your communication. It’s amazing. And the bonus is that if a woman at the other end is interesting, you can meet her in real.
I want you to put on a hat-думалку and asked myself: “If I were the type of woman, which I like, then where would I hang out?”
Then start going to these places at different times and on different days to pick the best time.
I have a good friend who used to go to the airport for the arrival of aircraft, because some flights have been more likely to get acquainted with an attractive woman.
I know a guy who goes to bookstores to get acquainted with the woman.
I know a guy who goes to Asian dances to get acquainted with women (he is not Asian).
Here are some basic places: dance lessons, gyms, bookstores, cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, health food, yogurt, shops, something close to beauty salons, etc.
If you start to pay attention to it, then you’ll understand where the most likely habitats for women.
Thus, in a note, if you live in the outback and dream to get acquainted with the extremely beautiful woman, you should think about moving to the big city. I found that the difference between New York, Chicago and Los Angeles compared with small towns enormous.
Attractive women come in big cities because there they are given more opportunities. This is a place where they are more likely to get rich, famous and successful man.
I was in some places in big cities and have seen more beautiful women in a restaurant than a man can meet in a small town within a year.
So think about where you live and how it relates to the search for the type of women, in which you are interested.
I also noticed that many women love the fantasy of “casual” dating a man in the place where it’s normal, but suddenly. This is a common female fantasy.
Women like the idea of casual dating.
And the best is to get acquainted with the woman in “normal” place – a fact that around is the minimum number of stimuli, and no other, who is fighting for her attention.
So keep this in mind when you think about the potential female.
David De Angelo

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