When they dump you and you are alone

by admin on October 19, 2009

When people are in love and / or in a relationship long and rarely think that this love connection or could ever have an end. Yet few remaining links are not destroyed by the end of life. Here’s how to overcome separation faster.

What should not do:
– Blame yourself.
You must have heard that in both sections are usually to blame. I’ll reveal the truth – in fact, usually no one is guilty. Blame nature, not established monogamous people. In most normal people switching serious sexual partners is quite frequent – at least for 3-4, there will not make sense to blame yourself for that “things have not been.” On the contrary – accept that you did everything “correctly”, otherwise you’d be together all those beautiful moments.
– Left alone and locked in himself.
Self-pity is the worst of all scenarios in which you can poemesh. In the best case, this leads only to a huge waste of time and releases of interesting possibilities that life offers every day. Right now is the time to call your friends all those who have forgotten and forsaken for her. Fear not – most of them will even be glad to hear and see with you.
– Hate women “They are all bitches.
Women are human beings. When these are much more susceptible to their emotions and hormones than men. Let them hate and curse not a good idea unless you think to become a hermit. Change your outlook, know women and instead of waiting for the incredible, the one most dedicated and a great woman – find incredible, special and fabulous in many women with whom you are to go out and do sex.
– Inoculate be strong “I’ll get it back. I will fight. ‘ll Win again. ”
Almost always this is a lost cause. Even if you succeed – throw time, money, emotions, feelings, nerves, and think of what else will think to succeed as you put at least 5 other more beautiful and hot girl from your ex.
– Drowning grief in any extreme.
Whether you’ll start to write, or doing them will dedicate promiscuous sex is as bad as not to move forward in life. In any case, not worth it to bring the problems in their lives, rather than just to live a full weeks and months after separation.

What to do:
– Go outside! Continue your life!
Strive not to be alone with his thoughts for a long time. If you have company – now is the time to become the most active and its active participant. If you have no need to hang out at least 2-3 times a week.
– Try to remember all the things you want to do, but which were not possible because of your relationship. Now you can spend time and meet them all.
– Take your time to throw in a new serious relationship. Try new things, like to hang out with several women simultaneously, also threes, group sex, etc.

Watch a separation, as we saw the departure of his old job. That is approached positively and think about all the options they expect. Think about your freedom and of how many things you can do now, have historically been taboo. Use what happened and changed more things in life that do not like. Try to get to know women, to understand and master? Social dynamics, the rules of attraction, crush structures, tricks and principles that are bringing them into your bed more quickly – will not find a more appropriate time than this.

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