What women are looking for in a man? The answers to eternal questions

by admin on October 30, 2009

Learn how woman is choosing her man

Learn how woman is choosing her man

There is a vast difference between those who are looking for women and those to whom they react.

I think you will be interested to hear a little bit different view on this question! And I think you will be useful to see what is happening behind the scenes and understand what a woman means “look” man.

To start, I’ll tell you something very important:

WOMEN  = Crazy.

I know this is old. You may then unsubscribe me how much it changed its revelation of your life:)

But let me explain what it means “crazy”. This means that women often do what they think madman (especially for men). They like to say one thing, but when the time comes, they are doing something quite different.

There may be a long time to explain why, but I simplified: the whole thing in emotions. Women intending to say what they think when they ask. But they intend to do something based on their emotions, only when they fall into a particular situation.

A simple example:

You are acquainted with the girl are sharing rooms. Call her, and she agrees to meet with you tomorrow afternoon cup of coffee in one of the cafes. There comes the next day, and it does not come. You call it, and it turns out that something happened, because of what it could not reach.

When something happened to it?

What happened? (By the way, you are not furious when this happens regularly? Me too).

What happened was this: when you communicate with her by phone, drink coffee tomorrow, it seemed an excellent idea. But then came the next day and came something more interesting, is that she no longer felt that he wanted to meet you.

Or she simply decided that she does not feel it when I woke up the next morning. It is not so important now. And the man with whom it happened, said: “She lied. She said that she would come, and did not come.” Or can call it zasrankoy, or incapable to plan their time, etc. In principle, all this in part – the truth:))

But what is important. When a girl says one thing and acts completely differently, then it is completely normal, because she just “follows his feelings.”

And from the male side, when she does one thing and acts very differently, she liar, zasranka and can not manage your time.

And what’s the chips?

The chip is in the fact that women are not going to change their approach “to do as you feel.” Therefore, we, guys, stay in this situation with 2 options:

1. Continue to hammer away at the wall and expect that women are still unchanged and continue to rejoice, when they say: “My dear, of course I’ll change.”

2. Learning to do so that women feel that they want tomorrow to come to the meeting to the extent necessary to make it really comes to you on a date.

The chip is clear? Excellent:)

Now let’s talk on this topic:
WHAT women are looking for in a man?

As always, the women say they are looking for one thing, but in reality, they attracted quite different. You guys already know that women “naturally” attracted to such things as fame, fortune, beauty, like Brad Pitt, “Growth, etc.

But I realized something very simple if one thinks about it. I think that women do not know what it is they pay attention to the man. In other words, all these things (money and fame) cause emotions inside women. And if you’re not on the nature of Brad Pit, you do not have much money and you do not famous actor, you can receive as much attention from women, you learn has the same kind of emotions in them.

So, what women are looking for really – so this is a man who will attract (or rather, to steal) her attention.

Naturally, women do you not confess.

Try interviewed several women for that, “What are they looking for in men.” Most of them will say to you that they are looking for nice, honest guy who is successful and attractive. But if you meet such a guy, and it so happened that he would be a loser, who will crouch and behave uncertainly, like a man, to whom something is missing in my life, it is NOT going to stay with him. Ie the same guy whom she sought, will not those with whom she wants to be close. And it will not work.

On the other hand, if a woman meets a man who is not what She imagines the Prince, but he will in it correctly EMOTIONS, then everything will be fine. It does not matter whether he is rich, handsome whether he, because he does what outweigh these qualities.

And strangely enough, the guys who have been RMES-Master (yes, even those who are now his place) has already learned how to give girls those same EMOTIONS. I have seen many of them before. I saw how they interacted with the girls, how they behaved. And I see them now.

I can see how our graduates because what emotions they give the girls receive a lot more female attention than the usual guys who by nature HIGHER, stronger and more attractive. Moreover, they often get something that at first seemed unreal!

Because they know and apply a lot of techniques in communication, which allow them to achieve incredible results!

So there is a huge difference between those who seek out women and those to whom they react. Remember that.

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