What NOT to do during sex

by admin on August 29, 2010

Warning! Not suitable for children under the age of 18!

What NOT to do during sex!Dear gentlemen, today I introduce you to what not to do during sex! Probably many of you are familiar with things that will describe below, but let others read carefully and remember.
Excitement as when a man and a woman is something very fragile and vulnerable. Sufficient is a replica of place to send the fuck foreplay lessons. That’s why I write this article.
1. Is absolutely forbidden to touch the genital dry. The clitoris and inner labia majora (yet I can not explain why they are called labia) are very sensitive and touching and encouraging them to dry is often painful!
2. If a woman is not excited enough, in a hard game is not advisable. When a woman is excited to release substances that choke any pain when biting and scratching. Thus, only pleasure remains. Otherwise, it hurts!
3. If you do not know how to make sudden impulses, better not make them. It is true that sudden impulses are very nice for women. But there is a real danger to hit the cervix, especially if you whip is greater, and this causes acute abdominal pain. Only when convinced that it will not hit the cervix, you can do, otherwise you entry to the end!
4. You may have the most fun type of world, but when it comes to sex, forget the jokes and jokes. There is no place for it. You can laugh before sex, it is even useful. Produced hormone of happiness and what better than plenty of such hormones during sex …
5. Do not yurkayte! Saying “nutty it is exciting for many women. But if your lady is not from them, well let alone to think. Remember, if it wants to do something that would make no sense to keep it simple. You may remember it as you do and what you want it done! But if you do not want, be reconciled?
6. Questions of the variety: “Ready?” “You finished?” And so on is unacceptable! No sense to ask her. There are women who kefyat the question “You want it?” But most are wary of this! Especially “You finished?” Are one and say “Come on, they will wait a lifetime, go end, that my warm beer”.
7. Anything that could distract you from your practicing should be removed! Such as TV, computer or phone. Many here suspect that a woman will get the best possible, while if you are devoted to one another, hear one of the jokes of the Slavi Trifonov or hear Kadriev Yuksel says financial crisis!
8. NEVER, do not stop with what you do if you feel that it would end! Many men make the French work of her friends, and just when it is ready to do, they stop and take it. Yes, very dumb! While was about to face, to target the excitement is gone!
9. Do not learn during sex! And to explain how to move or how to do fellatio you’ll make you put two and go Slap. It’s like the biggest sucker in the world sex. If you want to learn something new or fix old, do not do it in such an atmosphere! I had a friend who complained about my “My girlfriend left me because I wanted to show and how to make the perfect St ** ka!” Very clearly, it will dump him!
10. “Inside?” Hah, how would you feel if your wife asked that? This is a terrible insult not only men but also women! I ‘m ashamed to admit it, but once I blew it! It was dark, it was wet (we were in the bathroom) and I thought that slipped between the legs and place where needed. The consequences were terrible. I dumped naked in the bathroom and lay down when I tried to lay down beside her, kicked me in the living room with the words “As you learn how to speak, come again”. Please do not make this mistake!
11. Do not make a weird sounds, moans and groaning are welcome. But other sounds are unpleasant. I had a friend, poor little stuttering especially in tense situations. Then I heard his girlfriend complains its known that hankal while and did oral sex. Suppress such sounds!
12. If it wants to do something does not insist. It may not be secure in their genital hygiene and does not want peting. Do not insist! Everything should be spontaneous!
13. Do not call body parts and fictional names! Squirrel, kitten, bombs, balcony and so on are absolute crap. Nothing to do! Her body is not zoo-park and there is no kittens, squirrels, also not for the orchard and have plums, Peaches and other bullshit!
14. I had a friend that said “The woman or just say nice things or nothing.” How would you feel if your wife shook “Ha kosmichki. She knows that they have, and what you say. “You know that you hemaroidis ekstermos (external hemorrhoids)?” – Knowing, of course! No sense and you say it! “You stretch, yes, super exciting, right? Any comments, unless you are positive are banned!
15. If you say something, do not use complex and long sentences! Short and clear, to not have to think on what you said!
16. If you are tired, avoid this show. It will notice you because of fatigue, something so insignificant that it can not do!
17. Do not be silent as a corpse! We Groove sladosnite to hear sounds of woman do you think that women like to hear their silence? I do not think so, sounds issued in the process are evidence of sex for pleasure, the Dress and will be equally pleased to hear your pleasure …
18. Do not look at countries. Or she turns a blind eye or are you watching, do the same.

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