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by admin on October 21, 2009

Pick-Up is an English word that means “grab it”, “get” but cannot be read as “Quick Dating”.

At the end of last century a group of enthusiasts from around the world, master-Svaliachi create a secret society of the Internet “Pikapyorite” as a newsgroup. All they are interested in an exchange of techniques, schemes, ways of conduct, internal beliefs and any other information relating to o. .. rapid and effective seduction of beautiful women. Appear different schools and groups who profess a variety of ways of seduction – from hypnosis and NLP, and short shrift to “agri-style” – a type of “rural-back. Subsequently, developments in this area have become more numerous and better and nowadays “Pick the URL, which was something very special, the practice is applicable in every sphere of life of people.

If Mastering this art, you will be able to lure the best way to communicate most effectively with all people and will be much better quality as a person. Pickup the URL is a way of life … Cool, effective, enjoyable way of life.

I’m sure you wondered dozens of times:
– Why do women, who like to have sex you do not pay attention or they just want a friend?
– Why you need a month or even years before the girl you go out to have sex with you?
– Why are pulling when you touch her or kiss?
– Why you oplita display each time you see it?
– Why you liked as a girl began to make a bunch of crap that did not even realize / more / that bullshit?
– Why is there no option to get rid of partners and acquaintances who do not meet and they do not even like?
– Why your job and your social circle many people they tread?
– Why are not you happy?

You can find answers on all this questions in our kiss2nite.com blog.

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