Training women after her betrayal

by admin on November 4, 2009

Tha woman whisper

The woman whisper

You learned about treason? Excellent! You have the opportunity to demonstrate their masculinity

What is a “betrayal”? The question, of course, interesting! And then what freedom?
Treason – a breach of contract, the rules established by both of you to structure your relationship. If you have agreed on the taboo against sex on the side, then sex with another / other is a betrayal, if not agreed, but think it goes without saying that there is nothing to say …
Suppose, nevertheless, that certain “loyalty oaths” were spoken, ceremonies mentally committed, and she continues pogulivat on the side. And what then?
You simply must set the record straight «i». You come to her and say something like: “You know, some time, I thought we would very much like you that we can communicate on any subject and enjoy it for a very long time … together Ho … I guess I was wrong. I should not forgive your excesses. Such as you, I do not need. ”
Talk to subdued, slow, confident voice, looking you in the eye, then on the forehead above the nose. Do not wait for an answer, leave. If you are for it to matter, she’ll call you or find herself. If you do not call, then it means that it is exactly what you thought about it, but then why did she need? If you think that it is still needed, then read as part of a woman. When she rang.
Once she called him, dragging her to him and do – you know what. It will not resist. (If it is – to drive out with the words: “You do not understand.” Further reading, as part of a woman). Then plead for urgent cases and affectionately invited to meet That way in a week (at a time, there is something there-something). If you do not agree – you suggest it to appoint itself the time and place, but not earlier than one week.
A week later, the scenario is the same: walking, sex, delay. She must miss you!
What’s next? (Some tips)
1. Never confess his love to her, if there really want it, expressed his appreciation physically.
Repeat something like betrayal – you can throw it, because wasting time wasted senselessly and then read as part of a woman.
2. Make her jealous!
Try it with their feet and breasts of other women. Express aloud her admiration.
Away in a company somewhere else, always found time to chat with the lovely ladies present there, not giving her but serious evidence against him.
3. Compliments do not do. Hikakih: “Oh! You are so this dress! “Are allowed only phrases like this:” You have a new dress? How nice that you no longer wear that awful white blouse. “Tie”, stunned her stunning sex. Beggar himself. She should receive full satisfaction and wait for it again and again. The combination of qualitative sex with cool attitude – one of the best recipes for affection. How can this be achieved? The book is well – enough.
4. Treat her like a child with a little more than that – I think because of it. Act accordingly. Up to the questions on the walk: “Writing is not wanted?” To decide for it all!
5. And never be afraid to break off relations. Do not be afraid to get up and go, leaving behind a few uncomplimentary words about her inappropriate behavior or attitude towards you.
Most say that you are not satisfied and listen, that does not suit her. Moreover, it’s right, this is the shortest way to set the rules that will suit both of you and, therefore, there is no reason to violate them.

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