Top tips for a first date with a girl

by admin on October 22, 2009

Following these tips will improve your performance in dating with girls and will significantly reduce the time for which a woman would have sex with you.

1. Plan well
Planning is the foundation of every success. If you go along to get to where they lead, and it is not certain that there will be where you want to get there. For this planning / at least when there is no serious attempt / all moments of the match. What facilities will the girl what to do, what you speak, what would you tell what you will want to know about it. Also plan a place where it will establishments potragnat if things extremely well – another school, your home, hotel room, apartment of a friend or something. Keep and alternatives. If your first idea fails, be ready with the second – no less interesting and original proposal. Some women expect to spend the whole evening with you changing different places – bear that in your head cool different ideas. It is important that your home is in decent form – ready for any event, if you see that you can do sex with her tonight. And do not miss the opportunity – otherwise it is a great chance to see her no more – a lot of women hate men who do not feel and do not take advantage of the chances of escalation, which are offered to them.

2. Sit up girl
This is the fault of most men who know and those who teach. Men who have no experience with women who do not understand that dating with a woman has nothing to do with normal business, business dating where we gather to discuss new projects or finishing the financial year. Women are highly emotional creatures, and dry them with words you can not charm them and trognesh / unless they are severely strapped /. Always looking to deploy so that they sat near his wife – at your fingertips / something like a beer – but not exactly the same /.
Bonus advice: Choose divancheta establishments, not chairs. On the sofa you much easier to sit next to her and affecting energy and touch.
So-called kinestetika – touches Gallen, hugs, kisses, even the smell you – everything is much more powerful than just words, voice and body language and proper use of these items will bring you much more serious success for more short time.

3. I am interested in a girl
If your goal is simply to do sex with the girl and fast this point it is difficult executable. And really – to have sex with a beautiful woman you do not have to know it better and. Most women, but we here have a strong radar for your intentions. I personally am danil here hundreds of times. If you show no interest in another woman, but pressing it is pretty obvious what you want from there only. If looking for another woman and wants something more than / the most common scenario – from my experience / – will be disappointed and probably will not see her more. This is important to care about a woman – not bogus, not-uzhkim. Do not try to mislead you that is something interesting in it, if not indeed. 2.3 find things, even it is only one to which you are interested and talk about it. So you will understand more about the woman you came. If you want sex – most will have to invest interest in babe – at least at a basic level. Fact!

4. What to do when the bill comes
Recently we did a study whereby 95% + of women say at dating or when in the company of a man – he pays the entire bill. You’re Pickup Artist and certainly over the average male, so I suggest the golden rule and it works well for women in Bulgaria. Once you pay your entire account, once she – like watching a little more / bigger bills / paying you. Most women are extremely proud and like to contribute to the quality man, including financially. What women are like men and women alums who want to buy sex and attention from them. Not deceived her to let her pay it all, your side and you – the American model, which might read elsewhere its not working in Bulgaria and ruin a relationship and emotion achieved so far. Does not grab you always pay for everything. Even if you have the financial opportunity it poses a very bad frame / worldview / throughout your relationship and future relationships.

5. Not to delay the moment of parting with the girl
Again, a key moment. Most often women have been launched here and receive six plus, unlike the men who hope and expect that more time spent with the girl equals less time to have sex with her. The latter belief is not entirely wrong, but it is important and quality of time spent. If you see and feel that you squeezed the most out of the dating did not push things. Many women will not leave them “nalazvash” too much on a first date as to be attracted to you and no matter how cool, beautiful, rich and good with women / social programming factor is always a strong factor /. Therefore, when I go to its logical conclusion you Be the one who initiated getting out of the house and split it.

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