Theory LAS VEGAS (40 points)

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Theory of the Vegas game

Theory of the Vegas game

Theory LAS VEGAS (40 points) by Neil Strauss (aka Style). Title LAS VEGAS – a game the initial letters of the following eight qualities (looks, adaptability, strength, value, emotional connection, goals, authenticity, self – worth).

From the interpreter:
Title LAS VEGAS – a game the initial letters of the following eight qualities (looks, adaptability, strength, value, emotional connection, goals, authenticity, self – worth).

Each of these qualities is estimated from 1 to 5, where 1 – this is normal, and 5 per cent is reserved for one of the best of the best in the world. Note: If you do not possess a certain quality, put a zero points set themselves one point only if the quality of the development of medium or above average.

Generally, you have 6 points for low-quality women, 10 points for normal women and 18 for high quality.

Who you are.

You want to be Las Vegas. We get into the details later and give you each of these qualities, but for the beginning – it’s your long-term goals. This is not just your inner spirit, this is your actual level of the game (remember that our western colleagues, the word “game” oboznachet proper pickup and seduction – approx. Trans.). It is easy to say and learn, very difficult to do. Each of these steps, there are a few podetapov, but we briefly outline them in general terms.

APPEARANCE: A well-maintained and eye-catching. Belonging to the tribe, part of which she wants to be, or at least to visit.

Solution: Stylist, female “consultation”, a hairdresser, shopping for clothes.

Adaptability: It is here that come into play, humor and intellect (which is why “trapped” guys do not “get” girls). This is her opportunity to introduce you to the court his family / friends. Here – adventurism, spontaneity, independence, willingness to take risks and to cope with new situations. Are you exciting, you live here and now. This ability to be funny in a club steeped in her family, and the complete “by a bastard” with their friends. Quote: “The species that do not adapt, is doomed to extinction.

Solution: Travel. Knowledge of culture. New things and unfamiliar situations in your life.

Power: not defined as a physical force, but as the ability to defend it. This is traditionally done, not by money or muscle, but through determination, courage, good and practical knowledge, skills razrulivat situation, taking responsibility, self-confidence, the existence of its own reality and the possibility to make her feel safe. Also – the stability and moral values (good or bad, but steadfast), through which she feels the comfort and safety. Devotion.

Solution: Permanent self-correction in their response to its verification.

You constantly check on the ability to do this for a girl. Here is a small list, cheat sheet:

1. Take decisions. Do not ask her what she wants, but it is normal to recognize her preferences.
2. Do not change their opinions based on what she thinks, to make it pleasant or establish a close contact. This is allowed only if it convinces you logical arguments.
3. Know your environment. Where to go, things to do, that cool.
4. Be effective in communication, learn to involve others (waiters, doormen, taxi drivers) in the conversation.
5. Looks the group’s leader and other men.
6. Please take into their own rules.
7. Tell stories: About how to help protect his girl from danger, because it’s natural for you, how you struck someone out of life for violation of your rights because you follow “a policy of zero tolerance” of such things.
8. In situations where people are confused or hesitant, take responsibility for themselves.
9. Does not allow her to misbehave or manipulate you, as it does with other men or their father.
10. Techniques storytelling. Wearing a holster shoulder mount (approx. Trans. – Suggest that it is a metaphor for what we call a home-made, the original sounds like a “shoulder holster”)

VALUE: Selection against the background of the crowd. What distinguishes you from other guys that she could find – your Interesting, superiority, the ability to entertain, the knowledge of interest to women like pieces of horoscopes, tests and predictions, “women want to learn from men”, “power over her world,” lead among men. Also includes external value – social proof ( «reputation in society”), the leader of their group, is attractive to others.

Solution: The study demonstrate the high value of rutin (DHV), games on social proof as a musical instrument, its subordination to themselves and their reality, and not vice versa.

Emotional intimacy: romance, a special relationship, the possession of a quality that stirs her emotions and focuses it on you. When you’re laughing together, or at the same time saying the same thing. Generality. It may also include such emotional qualities as compassion, caring, sensitivity, presence of tender, loving traits. Dedication to one another in secret, which previously did not tell anyone.

Decision: Clarification of values (eliciting values) for the Style, the history of the vulnerability, the tactics of “me too”, to allow her to try on (over the situation, I think so – way down and release.) Themselves.

OBJECTIVES: is not determined by what you do, and that is capable of doing. Success is not mandatory, just a smooth path to it. Objectives. Dream. Lust for Life. And not just ambition and potential. Women as A & R Scouts (staff recording companies, looking for new talent – approx. Trans.). Perhaps creativity. Stability.

Solution: Define your identity today, whom you want to be in 5 years, and how to achieve this.

AUTHENTICITY (we usually called the congruence – approx. Trans.): This means that how you present yourself outside, corresponds to what you are inside. This is a man who is happy and enjoy myself. However, in real life there are contrasts, and this is normal. And, the possession of duality or contradiction, or the complexity of nature makes you more priyatyagatelnoy and rich personality.

Solution: This is the last step. This is a real right inner spirit. This skill. And the most attractive of all the eight qualities.

Self-esteem: confidence, which is the highest ranking behavior (a feisty and fun, not needy). Lack of fear to take their place in the world or someone’s time. “I just bent the world under him. Dignity. Lack of despair. Have your own opinions and stick to it, even if it conflicts with her opinion, but at the same time not afraid to admit their wrong, if indeed it is.

Solution: Success. Auto-training. Self-correcting body language and control framework “(referring to the concept of” framework “in NLP – approx. Trans.)

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