The problem of the age difference?

by admin on November 2, 2009

Does it matter to you her age?

Does it matter to you her age?

For a start – you should never pre-configured to fail, for example, to think that the age difference is a potential problem. But this does not mean that you should not umenshat risk of such problems. That’s why we’ll now talk about them.

Continue. You must be an “ideal man” for your chosen one, despite your age (perhaps even because of it. If, for example, a question about your age still emerged, rephrase it, whether it is sufficiently mature to be with you “). To be “perfect” should show only the positive qualities. How are you going to do it – tuning of values, patterns, neg-hitsam, etc. – Does not matter. While this works, you – “perfect” and whatever was your age, it will be your advantage.
But it’s all in the best case. We do not live in an ideal world, so you may share your relationship can be solved by something as trivial as your age. And although in theory the age of the partner should not be a problem for many women it is a cause for concern.
It is unlikely that you were “too young” for his pair and the more that this was a problem, older women are willing to take young boys in his arms. 😉 More honest problem, especially with women aged 17 to 23 years, prove to them “too old”.
So, what to do if you feel that age may be a problem in relationships? You do not want to talk to her because of fear of appearing too old, but you have to lie to her, too, do not want (even if it be unethical for you – no problem, be caught in a lie can have a major disaster, than be simply “too old” ), right?
Here are some tips from Mystery “Vries – seriously. You have to lie to the first two weeks, and then tell me, but as if it were a secret, which did not even know your mother!” When you have to fuck her , the truth brings. Believe me, I know. ”
If you prefer to preserve their dignity and to be honest, the best way – the problem is rephrased as “Is it mature enough to be with you.” (Scott Scinner,
She: And if you’re not too old for me? How old are you?
He: 42
She: Do you see, and I’m 19. It is too big age difference.
He: The question is not the difference in age, the question as to whether you are an adult, to have a relationship with me.
She: Yeah, right (or) I am old enough, blah blah blah …
He said: Then just start, consider the advantages to be with the senior himself as a man, if you are able to do it now, you would have seen many … (continued pattern)
(Razor505, posting on the website) “You must wait until she first does not raise the issue of age difference (ie, the difference in 15-17 years). Listen to what it at this point would be to say, then say:” Listen, that would not have happened, we both had won, right? (continued to talk, do not give her opportunity to respond). If we just become good friends, we both are not satisfied, right? (Say, do not let her answer) And if we become closer, too, all right, eh? (continued to speak) Or if we go our separate ways, still a good idea? “And then suddenly said something about her. It is very important (to the extent possible) to say it is like an impromptu.

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