The Power of NEGS

by admin on October 11, 2011

This is the next article in the series Mystery Method (or how to get beautiful women into bed) in 9 easy steps.

Let us first clarify what is seen to NEG-. NEG-is seen to be a short statement that disqualify you as a potential pickup artist, playboy, and any such similar (at least for the purpose of your wits and her company You do not want to think that you have one?).

To avoid wasting time in more explanations will give you an example (It is assumed that you have successfully opened a group of people which are its target and now you want to remove suspicions that only think about sex, so now second after have your say oupanara say this:

“- (At your end) Meet me with your friends. So behave polite people and when you befriend them they will be enough miles to befriend me with you 😉 “.

Now a brief analysis

Question: What is the purpose of this?

Answer: Absolutely nothing (or so it seems the rest)
In fact, your goal is already achieved! The moment you say “so polite people behave,” You show somehow that does not consider it polite. In no case J say it bluntly. This would make it offended, but the purpose of the NEG-a is not to offend, only an irritant, it is not as cool as you do not say it bluntly, because otherwise, it appears that flaunt. Everything here is more of a subconscious level.

Your status in society is raised slightly. While her fell slightly.

Here are some NEG-a:

– Looks like the biggest Wh**e in the bar, but do not! I do not know why only some specific features in you make me think so!

(! Note once said that for Wh**e, it is a blunt but you’re not. This is called calibration. At coolest chicks you’ll need a serious NEG-s and this is one of them, but they must be blunt with something else just offensive.)

– (Cool chick) Why are we talking about this nonsense? (Oupanara on you)

– You know your hair would look much better if you wear it released / tied (depends how you carry on and continue to DHV).

(This commentary is that it tries to stop you, but you to turn it to account NEG’s and continue onwards)

This is for now, I hope NEG-s clear you have now and look forward DHV material which will break from glory.

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