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by admin on October 25, 2009

Secrets of Kissing a girl

Secrets of Kissing a girl

How to prepare a girl for her first kiss!

When you kiss a girl, who has little experience with kisses, a good idea to work on the lips kiss on the lips. Only a complete fool lacks such a girl when they both sit comfortably sitting on the couch, suddenly pulls his face close to her face and bites her lips. Of course, the first thing he must arrange – is situated alongside the girls, when both are sitting on the couch. Thus, it can not move away from him when he was seriously signify their intentions. Further, under one pretext or another, for example, gallantly trying to place more comfortable pillow, it first starts a hand behind her back, then gradually embraces her shoulders. If she refuses – do not worry. If she refuses, cry – do not worry. If she refuses, screams and tries to get up from the couch – for the excitement no reason. Hold it gently, but firmly and calm her fears gentle, confident words. Remember that Shakespeare said about a woman’s “no”. However, if it is suspended, cries loudly objected to you and starts to scratch, then why not worried or thinking about how to get out of a bad situation. With these girls can not play … or kiss. Rather, it is one of those smart girls who still believe that the stork brings the children from the effects of such kisses.
But if your hand comfortably on her shoulder and “all is well in this wonderful world”, the next step will be to make her some compliment. All women love compliments. They like to be told what they’re beautiful, even if the mirror is frightened of their ugliness.

Make it a compliment!

Catullo once wrote:
“Kiss me softly and speak to me softly
Believe me dear, the time is near,
When we can live without fear.
Kiss me dear
Kiss me softly and speak to me softly.
Tell her that she’s beautiful!
Then take a deep breath the fragrance of her hair and comment on it. Tell me what that smell is intoxicating, like strong wine. Tell her that her hair smells like roses in the garden. Tell her something, but be sure to speak only pleasant. After this, the most natural thing for you to drown his nose in her hair, so you can enjoy all the bouquet of smells.

Technology kiss

Now is your chance! At a time when your nose regard to her skin, take a deep breath intoxicating fragrance of her hair and drag her lips for a kiss. Overthrown lips edge of her ear in a sliding motion. Lightly poduy in the auricle. Some women react passionately to this, in general, the simple act. Skolznev lips to her ear and watch her reaction. If she removes her head, come back to the hair and continue to sniff at. Then he’ll get over her eye, continuing to whisper “light sweet nonsense. From abalone to the neck a few centimeters. Let his lips lightly cover this distance and then go to the back of the neck, then grabbed his lips to her skin with tenderness, like a cat, clutching a kitten’s neck.
Then, after a few light bites his lips, move to the bottom of the chin, next to the ear. Gently kiss the lobe of the ear. Then come back to the base of her jaw. Then you can go to the finish line. Spend the lips along the soft, rising from the surface to the edge of his lips. You will understand this sudden, when you will feel a strange tension hand her shoulders. The reason for this is that the lips are one of the main erogenous zones of the body. Nerve endings of them are sensitive that even light contact with them immediately sends a shiver of pleasure through the nervous system through the spinal cord, again through the nervous system, through the nerves that are associated with sokraschatelnymi muscles to the lips and mouth and also to engage in sexual glands of we mentioned earlier.
Simply put, kissing learns that she wants to kiss her.
Excellent. You gently kissed the corner of her mouth. Do not hesitate. Move on to more fun. Before you is the one whom you’re dreaming in their dreams, tender, juicy lips girl you love. Just do not sit in Sydney and did not waste time.
Take Action!
Move your lips slightly, move closer to the center of her face, so you have a wonderful fusion. In an instant fix in the memory picture of her tooth for her lips. And then, like a seagull, which gracefully dives down into the water, firmly nestle lips to lips girls, which compresses in his arms.
Kiss her!
Kiss her as though nothing else exists in this world. Kiss her as though your whole life lies in this short time, a kiss. Kiss her as though you have nothing else would do in this life.
At this point I would like to discuss some of which are things that are relevant in the art of the kiss, particularly applicable to what was described above. For example, many times discussed what tseluyuschiysya must close their eyes during a kiss. I do not agree with this opinion. For me additional pleasure is to watch the whole picture of happiness and pleasure, which is unfolding before my eyes. I can see tiny wrinkles in the corners of her eyes, the folds of pleasure. I can see the momentary spasms of happiness, runs on her face. I can see everything, and watching it, my pleasure from the kiss increased many times over. Leaving your eyes open, I get the pleasure not only from a sense of touch, sense of touch, but from those already on two things: sense of touch and vision. These two senses, supplemented by sense of smell, sense of smell her perfume, make a kiss in a clean, refined, instant pleasure.

How to kiss girls with different sizes of the mouth

Another point that should be discussed at this point is the size of the mouth girls. Clarification of this point is extremely important. If your mouth little girl, as rosebud, you can not worry about what to do. Just follow the direction, which was described above. However, there are many girls with a broad and full lips, like Joan Crawford … Technique kiss with a few other.

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