The mission is simple to accomplish and very important – especially if your social skills are weak …

by admin on October 18, 2009

Dress  cool, get his cool mood (through music, dialogue with a friend, or as you) and walked out. Take the street (or go to the place), in which many people go. When you are set against a female or a group of girls, cheer him and 5 meters from the stop it clearly and distinctly, and ask what time it is. Not Sorry “Sorry for the trouble can you tell me what time it is – hey you’re so cool dude – remember? – The phrase to you something like this: “Hey, you know what time is it?” – Might improvise. This opener is trivial, but almost certainly will stop her and she will answer you. If you do not stop the pass and just keep it that way next time and bringing more energy, vitality and strength in his voice. Taking their example and stop the clock or look GSM-and you answer, get some bazik, for example: “Cool GSM (clock) you – you want to swap them?”. Wait for the answer and then continue the conversation or if you or say “bye”. Keep doing the same until they speak at least fifty girls (sets). You will feel will gradually open up and you will even be interesting and fun to talk to strangers women. Do not get your heart absolutely nothing. If someone made a pass or just contemptuous of face time forgetting it – lose it – accepts that there is simply no social skills needed to evaluate them, and girls as you want – just keep going to the next and again with a smile. These people, who meet and communicate are not important – it is only important skill that acquisition.

The results of the mission should be as follows:
– Becoming more open, more social person (pleasure of the process).
– The rejection does not mean anything to you (many people rushing to somewhere or you have their own problems, of which I think – when they skip like a road sign – it should not bother you one bit – just keep that way – may even pity them that they have failed to meet this tough guy like you:)).
– Calibration of the votes in the opener. (experiment – he felt at a strong, lively, cheerful and energetic voice opposite reaction of the body and the voice of the girl is the response of your voice and body language).

Keep up with the mission while you is not no problem stopping people on the street – even with something as trivial as “What time is it.

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