The importance of touch in communicating with a girl

by admin on October 25, 2009

The secrets of touching

The secrets of touching

I’ll start by saying that the sooner I start to touch in the process of communicating with the girls, the more I realize that this is correct, and the more I am convinced how effective and useful this technique is.

Trends in seduction: Immediate touch, the importance of the first steps.
When I write, it is usually triggered by something that recently happened to me or what I have read recently. I am 100% confident in the material that I write and that it will give you.
CAUTION If you want to be a pioneer, this reading for you is dangerous!
Women want sex just as men. Individual tactics may be different, but ultimately desire the same – apart from everything else is delicious and sex.
I’ll start by saying that the sooner I start to touch in the process of communicating with the girls, the more I realize that this is correct, and the more I am convinced how effective and useful this technique in placing women in bed. That is my position this issue. In general, it would suffice to say that it should be used, simply because it works, and finish on this. But clever seducer wants to know why something works, something is not working and all that. This is my audience.
Before moving on to the essence of things, I want to give some simple terminology definitions.
“Immediate touch (Instant-kino)” – quite a special term. It means touching (kino), which you apply to the girl immediately after I met her, literally in the first couple of seconds. This applies to embrace his hand to his waist, easy unexpected touch to her buttocks, a light kiss on the cheek close to his lips. In special cases, and the lips.
“Kino” (kinesthetic – kinestetika) generally opredeyaetsya as any physical touching, any degree, at a time until you are dealing with a prostitute. Some have adopted a more profound definition, like the touch, specially designed to heat the girl to prepare her for sex, etc.
The importance of the first steps. First meeting:
Everything you do with any girl during your first meeting – it is very important. It is important because it sets the foundation for such things as:
1. What kind of person you are going to be.
2. What direction will be further meetings.
3. What it can and will expect from you.
Knowing this gives us longer enough information to suggest that “first impression” – one of the most important moments of seduction, which need to master. And even more than that. This gives us a time frame, something in the first three minutes.
It is my deep conviction that the first 1-4 minutes are crucial, since it is they who set the basis for the meeting. Next on the priority list goes remainder of the first meeting – this is the time during which the first impression created in the beginning of the meeting (the very same 1.4 minutes), is strengthened. Those hours you spend in the club, talking and touching each other.
Why kino is so important:
When I write about the “immediate touch, I often get letters with a question:” Is it so important – do it immediately, this is really so important? “And the answer is always the same:” Absolutely. ” But even more important to understand why you do it. If you’re doing something good, do it confidently, then you must believe, like most people, that what you are doing is actually correct and valuable, useful.
In classical pickup (seduction, it comes to Western schools – UnTonych) there are three psychological factors are clearly related to the active interaction between man and woman.
1. How well the source is responsible and ADOPTS ideas / thoughts / behavior, etc. (ie, laughing at stupid jokes, pays no attention to really stupid behavior, but also embraces and attempts to flirt convergence).
2. Type “joint social activities.” What is the commonality of interests. “Will it work we together?” People are looking for and gather the world’s recognition and appreciation of their external social units. Would give it to me this particular person confirmation and acceptance of my values? Are they like us?
3. Hidden Potential (that in Speed Seduction is called Maps Of The World). Man wants to know not only what he has at the moment, but also, what he can do under ideal circumstances and condition. Great things that we would have committed in life, if we had the chance, etc. person wants to receive significant evaluation not only that he is now, but to that which it can be.
To understand a quick look at paragraph 1.
Rule sounds simple, but this simplicity is deceptive. It refers to how easily and readily guy and a girl taking behavior and ideas of each other, especially in the first interaction. When a girl says to you, any garbage, shows some part of his personality, flirting with you, comments and all that, she wants to know and see that you are taking it easy, as she is behaving and acting. In the future you may even encourage it.
The importance of this lies in the fact that when a girl sees that you are indeed taking her thoughts and deeds, it will be, respectively, to continue this at future meetings with you. In other words, she not only sees you with it now and you with it in the future.
Remember this fact. Roughly speaking, this is the largest foundation of the first impression, and how it greatly affects its future meetings with you. To be exact, whether you have it any relationship.

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