The first approach of a woman in the form of a game

by admin on November 7, 2009

Do you want to talk to her?

Do you want to talk to her?

The first approach – the recommendation.

Simulate the situation – you walk down the street, and you come across in the eyes of the girl. You want her to come, but you feel an internal brake. Let’s talk about brakes and a little about the technology approach.
So – the brake. She sends me, Nifiga not work out, I’ll look in the eyes of others, this is not typical for me, I feel any discomfort: – Many of us one way or another asked ourselves these questions, or end up in this internal dialogue. Dumb of us want to get rid of the brakes, and do whatever they want when they want and where they want. It is laudable, but ways to solve this little problem of too little. No obvious. I, as always, will lead you in a different way :-).
Part one – down the significance. Everything here sooner or later confronted with this term. In short, he is described as: “I do not need nafig. It’s all garbage. Come, do not go up – not important. For me, this episode does not mean anything.” The method is very good, but after a long practice, and requires a good attitude and preparation time. Time is not always. Therefore, we gradually move downward to the game value. That is, the decrease in value in the game. Think of your favorite game in the open air, as you gaily – you comfortable with your friends, you feel the full recovery of its energy. Are you ready to do so for as long as no tire, you are happy – smile on his face, his cheeks flush, you hear the laughter of his friends. Peculiar merry din. You feel only positive feelings, you can not resent them for tricks, because you yourself can do anything. And everyone around will be at it’s normal to watch, because all people play games.
Above is a simple form of adjustment on the state. But knowing how hard it is to do everything for the first time, I advise you some exercises. By a strange coincidence, we all did on the course “NLP Practitioner”:). The exercises come from the simple to complex. For some of them you may need a few friends – so offer them to play in this new cool game:).
Exercise number one: Come to a stranger and ask him about the happiest day in his life. Tell him thank you and go. Perform about 10 times.
Exercise number two: Come a stranger and ask him about the most important thing in his life. Why this? Tell him thank you and go.
Exercise Three: Sing a song with a stranger. Any. Exceptions – drunken company. Perform three to four times.
Exercise Number Four: Give the man what you will be worthless. Snowball, a stick, a leaf. Perform five times.
Exercise Number five: Create a queue to nowhere. Here you’ll need at least 3 other – that’s all:). It should not be a turn at the stop, turn to the store: It should be a place to nowhere and OR WHAT.
Exercise Number Six: Make a speech. Yes, a simple question. About what you want. Example of how to properly brush their teeth or customize golded. Couples repetition exercises quite enough.
The purpose of these exercises – learn not to fear the people around you and feel the internal constraint. Helps fine:). And from my experience that you can always remember its state, the state of the game. I play with people in a complex game about dating.
Now a little about the simple rules approach.
Do not block the road man. Never. People are afraid. Suffice it to approach angle, 30-45 degrees. Smile. Show palms. Keep your back straight. Do not forget about his game. But with the first sentence of the conversation you should think of himself.
On the feedback.
Any professional is obtained only after considerable practice. Even I was sent during the dating, although now it almost does not happen – I have rejected these attempts, seeing them from the beginning. After the “promise” not forget to analyze their behavior, to look at himself and thank yourself for a new experience. Good Luck!

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