The dark side of beauty

by admin on November 4, 2009

Beauty? think again!

Beauty? think again!

Very often men behave like sycophants because they are afraid that a woman can get frustrated and leave, and if they behave well, then even more likely that she still leaves.

Beneath all this, most women have a “shadow” or dark side.
This dark side is a secret desire to have a man who controls himself, his reality and her.
But they will never admit it – sometimes, even themselves.
But their subconscious knows and knows what they want. They also contain inner contempt for the weak people (especially men) who give them everything, why would not wish, demonstrating: “Oh, it’s just a boy, whom I use it to buy me things” or “this is my” toy “(boytoy), which fluttered with their girlfriends.
When the men from the beginning give gifts to women and buy them things, many women take first what they can (even if you have a little pomanipulirovat for this), but they eventually resent and despise the men who give them too much.
In fact, the reality of the most sophisticated of women is that men should kiss his ass and give all that they do not wish to (worst of all, when they start to play up and behave like bitches). Again, this is their reality. Men who are not able to meet it, often simply rejected if they are not able to maintain its reality in its pure form. (I also think that women conceal their contempt for their beauty. At the informal level, they stay away from real life, and the closer they become to this world, fewer and fewer people say they are beautiful. In this paragraph I’m talking about woman is very powerful. But more about that later).
Very often men behave like sycophants because they are afraid that a woman can get frustrated and leave, and if they behave well, then even more likely that she still leaves. This is one of the paradoxes, such as, self-fulfilling prophecy (approx. Translator: literally). Only a woman starts to whine, the man immediately: “Oh, no … I want to kiss her ass, otherwise she will leave. Even if she says nonsense, I must agree with it … ”
That’s bad for her, for you and for your relationship. Learn to never allow it to behave like a naughty child, while you own it to do so did not ask (only magnets fun, almost opposite meaning!)
This is done intuitively, and again, we are dealing with women’s behavior, which has its roots and development path, and quite difficult to determine where it all went.
Solution – DO NOT kiss her ass, like everyone else. Be different. Suppose she makes for herself its work on its lousy behavior to respond as if you are a friend or family member (use the same “you’re my friend and I say this for your own good” in a tone that you would use with friends), and mimicked making fun of its unreliability, make reframing the way other men kiss her ass and show her the beauty of the other (in a different light and so on, as it never was no one person who sees who she truly case, and like any man with whom she met, I would like to have sex with her in a minute, and how often it reduces the internal satisfaction).
In fact, women will sleep with rich men who kiss their asses, and guys model, which does not care about their psychological motives.
But in general, srednestatichesky man, who looks after himself and earns enough money to live comfortably, opinionated, outspoken, winding, confident, funny and knows how to keep yourself under control, someone who had gotten her constantly and never kisses her ass , whatever happens, will have a much better chance to have a beautiful woman, than other types.
The difference is not only interesting to her, it is generally plant (that is not so common). A man who does so can not only win her body, but also, and her interest and charm, as well as to control her bitchiness behavior and situation.
*** Mark: if these words are far to you, then I recommend to go to the nearest supermarket and find some really beautiful girls. Then ask them to read the last few pages of this book and say it true that material. If you are a skeptic, you will not believe the responses that you get. I asked many beautiful women about this, and almost all responded that it just is.
You also notice that in the real world with successful men have or external data, glory and personal qualities, or what makes women behave openly and naturally with them.
If you’re one of those types, then I congratulate you!
If you’re not one of them (as I like, so I know what it is), then you need to learn how to get the woman in mind and heart, and motivate her to act this way towards you. This may take a few minutes of conversation, or even an hour, etc. … But if you have mastered the experience that I want to teach you, you will learn how to make a woman to act so in relation to you, too.
Remember that you can be attractive in different ways. Some of them are short, some a bit longer, so more complex and require more experience. But this is the very structure of the process, and if you understand the structure, you will be more successful.
David De Angelo

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