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by admin on October 28, 2009

Get smile on her face with your dating technique

Get smile on her face with your dating technique

Since the move I picked up a  wonderful girl and a 24-hour brought the matter to bed relations. I immediately got involved – I am so pleased how everything turned out that I myself tore off the roof and zabaldel. Because besides me in the procedure involved, this is the girl, then she became for me the coolest and steep in the world. It so happened that my unprepared mind kupilas my same cunning strategy.

Later, by the way, I have consciously experienced the failure of the roof. One girl that I rashotel, drove me in an unusual place, and I just immediately wanted to again. When you get into something unusual and very pleasant, automatic hyphenation fairly decent part of these sensations to the person who brought you there. At that time I already knew that the girl unknowingly pulled me to the roof, and saw how they feel with me. Good feeling. Magical and fabulous. If I was smitten with addiction to a girl that othotel, what can be said that they start from such tricks to want me, and who are so eager at heart, even bigger and stronger.

Pluckit roof it is imperative and mandatory. This – a complete dynamite. Just as the Siberian boots, and incredibly effective. Choose a beautiful place where the girl had never been or had a very long time and in a less romantic company vedesh there – and Ooops! She already yours. The main thing that you already had all clearly knew and felt the most confident. So it is better to prepare beforehand. Eventually, when you realize that he was confident in himself everywhere and always, you can experiment already under way, but first consider and calculate in advance. Where is the guarantee that she was not there? There are no guarantees. Simply choose the places that are not worn, but not those where half the city romantic walks under the moon. These places is around, you only need to know how and want to find them. And you should know them as much as possible to lead a girl every time a new, rather than dragging it to a pair of triple-standard routes – is tired of it very soon, and you yourself – even earlier.

And it is not necessary it should be a new place. This could be some interesting events such as visits to the theater or show paragliders. The main thing is that there was an unusual and interesting, that caused a lot of pleasant emotions.Aimed at finding so many beautiful places in nature, bars and other “where to go, so you could, say, six months to walk the same girl a few times a week, and while never repeated. Even more – even better. With the variety of choice you have a lot of alternatives. The main thing that you yourself there, too, liked it. Friends ask diligently, if not in a position to find himself. Although, in reality, you should be able to do everything differently pikaper you’ll be useless.

Learn to look and you will find a lot of wonderful places in the city and around. And most of your girls is guaranteed to fall there the first time it is with you. After all, people now go passive and unoriginal. And if a girl until you are no longer processed pikaper literate, then you can be sure – almost all the other boyfriend just drove her to the movies and the same bar, fed ice cream and gave flowers.

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