The best compliment for a woman!

by admin on January 16, 2012

Compliments for womanWomen love compliments about their lips!

Recently scientists have bothered to identify the compliments that most “electrified” the fair sex.

Following an extensive study, researchers found that overall, women from different countries and religions have different sensitivities to certain compliments.

However, the main conclusion is that most women feel extremely flattered when given positive comments about their lips.

Researchers have also found that the compliments of other parts of their body (eyes, legs, etc.) is not close to the enjoyment that women experience when they talk about their lips. For example stated compliment to their breasts, which in most cases there is more negative than positive effects on mood and formation evaluation for the ladies.

The study indicates that the fair sex from the USA, Italy, France and Brazil would be most delighted to compliment related to the way they dress. Meanwhile, women from Denmark and Portugal, would be glad to comment on their ears, more established researchers.

This type of research, once again proving that “women love with their ears,”.

Women very much appreciate the attention we give them. The key to reaching the heart of a lady is careful listening and the manifestation of interest in their views and problems.

Yet most importantly, rule number one for all compliments to be as honest as possible.

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