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by admin on November 11, 2009

What and how to communicate with the girl so as to arouse interest.

Conversation with the girl. Communicate with girl

Sometimes if you have such that on a date with a girl you have discussed it would seem all the common themes in the conversation there was an awkward pause? Or do you sometimes do not know about what and how to create a really interesting conversation with a girl? Previously, I have the same had happened, that’s why I began to develop in this topic.

These tips will help you keep the conversation going, to make it interesting and intense and, following all the advice you may hear “wow, you’re so cool and interesting!”

1. Be original. It is probably trite advice, but I mean that you should not only communicate on everyday topics in a format work-study-weather. Usually it is boring, unless of course you do not work promoter, club parties, or she did not study at the Institute of Astronautics.

2. Men usually are logical conversation, and are based on facts, while for girls is more important emotional part of it – emotions, sensations and feelings. Use it, tell me emotionally. If you talk about that as you stroll along the beach in Antalya, then tell me how nice the wind blew your face, the sun made the squint eye, and under thy feet crunched sand, tell me what you felt at that moment, what thoughts and images come to mind. Do pay attention to detail, it is important.

3. Initially, the best to communicate about themselves and about her. Know one another. Then appears the initial level of trust between you.
How to get rid of the awkward pauses in conversation? Topics of conversation with a girl.

4. Asking questions that require a detailed answer and push to talk. Call them quests. For example, how did you spend last summer? “,” What have you been the happiest day in my life? “.

5. Having prepared 5 interesting stories of life, perhaps not from yours. Emotional, funny, beautiful – everything. If all bad – insert one of them, using the magic word by the way … ”

6. Write on a slip of 10 topics of conversation that you are sincerely interested. They can be integrated into the conversation. For example, travel – where have you been, where she was, “” vacation – as she prefers to spend time, clubs, exhibitions, hangouts, “” Fashion and Style, “” first love “.

7. You can dream along with the girl. “What are three wishes you would have guessed, if it caught a golden fish”, “If we found with you is a million dollars – how would we spend them.” Create a free dozen such raskrutok.

8. About sex. This is a very powerful thing for convergence, talk to the girl about sex, but you have to use it when you already have some level of confidence. “Her and your first time”, “that most factory”, “if it was one day a guy – whatever she did.” Such talk excite both of you.

9. You can play the question game. The rules are simple, in turn, you ask each other questions of any nature, responding to only the truth can not be repeated in the first question to ask you. Already on the third question is usually all rolled into sex:) You can play in any other game.

10. If all bad – the game uses psychological self-disclosure (cube, Wild Strawberries), routines, metaphors. It’s easy to find in Google. But do not advise – much better to improvise and creativity on the go.

11. Bredogenerator, he is rechegenerator. This is probably the most powerful skill, the ability to easily and interesting to talk on any topic to do with it not only with girls. He can not learn to read the article, but a lot of exercises on its development is in training RMES.

12. Live interesting. Arrange for an interesting job and make three or five really interesting hobby, and hobbies. This is probably the main board. When you spend your weekend so that on Friday unexpectedly broke with his friends to ride a snowboard on a beautiful illuminated road, then came back to the capital and you’re drinking good cognac in a nice lounge-establishment talking about plans for the future. Saturday you started with what you delicious breakfast and went to the pool. And then, after swimming and saunas, fresh and cheerful, you call a friend and you went to the center to try his new mirror lens, where by chance, your photo, you meet cool girls. And came back you went to the shower, beautifully dressed and went to rest in the club, where you have long called, but you there has never been. I ran into friends and friends who are glad to see you. They all tell you stories of life, because you have not seen each other. Excellent music, drink in moderation, great positive people are not thinking about Monday. And on Sunday you went to the premiere of new film after film, and now you’re sitting in a cafe on the cinema with a girl sitting next to you in a movie and discuss just watched movies. Admit it, when you have finished discussing the film, you will be something to talk about:)

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