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by admin on October 24, 2009

We all have the power to seduce – the ability to attract people and keep them subordinate, but most of us are aware of this potential.
There are nine types of seducer. Each of them has a special feature of nature, which is rooted deep in its essence and irresistibly attracted others.
Sirens overflow of sexual energy and each of them knows how to use it.
Donzhuanovtsite insatiably crave the opposite sex and their desire is contagious.
Ideal lovers are sensitive to the aesthetics, which invested in romantic relationships.
Denditata love to play with their image and impress with their shiny manly.
Informal spontaneous and open.
Koketirashtite are egocentric and remarkably unperturbed by temperament.
Enchantress not only want but also know how to pleasure and feel good in society.
Harizmatitsite are endowed with unusual confidence in themselves.
Stars are airy and wrap in mystery.
And so, the process step by step seduction.

1. Select appropriate subject .-
This is one in whom there is nothing to fill, and who sees in you something exotic. The perfect victim has some quality in nature, they attract. Strong emotion caused by this quality will make your seductive moves more natural and dynamic.

2. Create a false sense of security – use roundabout ways. If at the beginning boldly attack risk the raising of the barrier. Initially not be issued with nothing alluring in themselves. Courtship should leave the side, not directly. Besides the periphery of its target – move with the aid of a third person or to give a kind that builds a neutral connection, as you pass gradually from friendship to love. Sleep the vigilance of his victim, until you feel safe – then strike.

3. Send mixed signals. —
Once you notice the presence you need to quickly possess the imagination of seduction purposes. Obvious and probably shocking to her attention at the outset, but could not hold him, so that ultimately more restrained behavior is more impressive. Try to look more mysterious. Send mixed signals – be sometimes raw, sometimes tender, sometimes elevated, sometimes terrestrial, sometimes innocent, sometimes sly. Patchwork of confusing and contradictory qualities of charm.

4. Presented as desired by all – built triangles. People tend to gravitate towards those who already have caught someone’s interest. So you should create around themselves the aura of a man or woman, wanted, wanted and courted by others. This will support the vanity of your site. To create the illusion that you are known and loved, is surrounded by representatives of the opposite sex – friends, former lovers, current suitor. Construct triangles of rivalry. Let your reputation speak for you – as so many others are fascinated, then it is grounded.

5. Create a need – and worrying nedvolstvo. Can not seduce pleased with everything. Therefore, if necessary, create in him a sense of dissatisfaction with the surrounding circumstances and the dissatisfaction with him. In this way you create space in which to appear as a response to the problem. Pain and anxiety are the most appropriate harbingers of pleasure.

6. Mastered the art of thin hint .- If you create too blatantly and obviously a sense of frustration, the victim can you understood the intention and will take a defensive position. But there is no protection against a hint of something – ideas skillfully sown in the minds of people by reference to something seemingly vague and ambiguous as to root only days later and it seemed to those people that is their idea. Hint is the perfect way to affect human beings.

7. Penetrate her mind —
Most people are imprisoned in their own world. The only way to vmaknesh into their shell to become susceptible to seduction is to proniknesh in their spirit. Play by their rules, rejoicing in their successes, share their joys. Thus tickle deep-rooted narcissism of every person. Soon you will be able to change roles. Once you entered the spirit of sacrifice, you can get it and it breaks into your – up there, rather than where to return.

8. Create temptation. —
If you let the object of their desire to cast a passing glance to the promised delights, will created such a temptation, which will help you quickly izminesh large part of the road to seduction. Find out what the endeavor, which has abandoned his fantasies hinted that able to bring it closer to the desired goal. The important thing is to keep everything in mystery. Award Show, postponed enjoyment and let his mind do the rest. Arouse curiosity stronger than the doubts and fears that accompany it, and sacrifice your own will follow.

9. Create tension – what will happen? Once people understand what they can expect from you, your magic was destroyed. Something more: they gave their power. The only way to lead by the nose and seduction to dictate terms, it is creating tension and well calculated surprise. Behave in a manner which causes the victim to you to wonder what you thought. If you do something not expected of you, it will deliver great pleasure it is surprised and can not predict what will happen later. Seduction thrilled with sudden changes in direction of things.

10. Sow confusion with the power of words. – It’s hard to get people to listen to them. They are consumed by their own wishes and thoughts and have time for yours. To hear them, you should just say what they want to hear. This is the essence of the language of temptation. Inflame the feelings of his goal with saturated phrases, caress her, soothing her there, kadeteo is uncertain, it obvey with fantasies, sweet words and promises – then not only will they listen, and you will lose your desire to oppose.

11. Give attention to small things. – Subtleties in seduction – the occasional gesture, improvisation – often more charm than anything else, and they provide better light. You have to learn how to recreate the object of your desires with countless small rituals – clever gifts, clothes and ornaments, which are his tastes, gestures, showing how much time and attention to his dedication. All his senses must be engaged in a myriad of small and beautiful things around him orchestrate. Get used to generating appropriate feelings and attitudes through small things.

12. Opoetiziray presence. —
Crucial things can happen when the object is alone. I came upon it and the slightest feeling of relief that they will close, everything is done. This reaction is usually the result of over-familiarity and simplicity. Therefore not be fully revealed. Make associations between himself and poetic images and objects so that when I think about you, they can see in the idealized light. The more intensively doing his thoughts, the more enticing things to you for your imagination. Nourishing imagination with inconsistency and volatility.

13. Disarming strategy through weakness and vulnerability. —
Do not overuse the maneuvers to avoid suspicions awake. The best way to prikriesh is to get to the other side thinks that they excel. If you create the impression that you’re weak, vulnerable to such an extent occupied by the purpose of prosecution, that no can be controlled, the actions you will look more natural and not so calculated. The more confidence you will win if predpochetesh openness to virtue.

14. Mix desire with reality – perfect illusion. —
If saumeesh to create such an illusion that through you the victim to experience their dreams, she’ll be forever obedient. The important thing is to start slowly, to win her trust, and gradually build a illusory world, satisfying the desires her focus to secret dreams have been thwarted or suppressed. Perfect illusion does not differ much from reality, but it also brings something unreal. Sabzlaznyavaniya water at that stage of confusion, which can not longer distinguish reality from illusion.

15. Isolate the object of your desires. – The isolated person is weak. Isolation may be psychological – like follow the field of seduction with a nice note, which give him, you push aside everything else on his mind. He only sees you and thinks only about you. Isolation may be physical – it only separated from his entourage of friends, family, home. This is the time to lure victims into their lair, where nothing is it known.

16. Prove to. —
Most people love to be seduction. If you have resisted it because they went far enough to allay their suspicions. Suffice it to predpriemesh an early action to win them. Do not worry, that may seem silly or wrong, because vskyako act performed because the object of your feelings, so I will conquer his feelings, it will not pay attention to anything else. Never be discouraged and not complain about someone’s stubborn resistance. Rather, the challenge.

17. Encourage return to the past.
Return the object of desire for the pleasant memories of childhood, being placed in the Oedipus triangle, but for him a place by the child, albeit there is a need for something. Without realizing the cause of their emotional reaction, he’ll fall in love with you. In turn, and you can be prenesesh in childhood, and allow the other person’s take on the role of caring and devoted parent. In both cases makes possible occurrence of heartfelt fantasy – an affair with mom or dad or a son or daughter.

18. Violate prohibitions and taboos. —
Especially tempting is to get the object of zhelenieto you feel that it can distort and encourage one and other. People yearn to know their dark side. Not everything in love is expected to be soft and gentle – give to understand that you’re hiding something cruel, even sadistic in themselves. Do not respect age differences, marriage vows, family ties. Once the desire to violate prohibitions push you to the site you will hardly could stop him. Do so to reach farther than imagined and shared sense of guilt and sazaklyatnichestvo will create a strong connection.

19. Use spiritual temptations. —
Everyone has doubts and hesitation – the figure for its importance for their sexuality. If you want to seduce just physical, these doubts will wake up and get your site to worry and be close to him. Therefore do so, that man forgets fluctuations and to focus on something sublime and spiritual – a religious experience, a work of art, something occult. Claimed almost divine qualities, pretended to be dissatisfied with the worldly temptations, speaks to the stars, the fibers which they associate with the object of seduction.

20. Garnished pleasure with pain. —
The biggest mistake of Lovelace is to always be very careful. Initially, the kindness and generosity you will be adorable, but then will become monotonous. If too much staraesh to joy and pleasure to convey some uncertainty. Rather than smother the site with courtesy, try to cause him some pain. Change direction by making it lose interest. This will confuse him will make him feel guilty and insecure. Even the staged separation, to feel the pain and emptiness. Then go back, apologize to arise again, loving and caring … and a woman or man who offended, will soften and directly from otmalee pleasant surprise.

21. Leave space for his fall – is persecuted persecutor. If the object of interest you get used to your aggressiveness, it will damp less energy from themselves and the link voltage will diminish. You have to postresnesh by changing roles. Once you yield to temptation, otegli a little back and he will go after you. Began to shut themselves in, give a signal that is bored. This will create the suspicion that you need. Facility will soon wants to have any physical restraint and will evaporate. The aim is to make him fall into the arms of your own volition. Create the illusion that seduces seductive.

22. Use physical temptations. Beware of sites awake thinking – if you understood the manipulation, it will suddenly overwhelmed doubts. Gentle calming his mind asleep and wake up his senses, and combine behavior without a trace of Defense with the presence of powerful sexual charge. I do not want physical closeness with force.

23. Mastered the art of courageous moves. -The time is come: the sacrifice they desired, but not yet ready to recognize it, still less to act independently. Now it’s time to forget about gallantry and coquetry and to obey with bold moves. Give the victim time to consider the consequences; create conflict, forced tension, and courageous move to bring you great relief.

24. Be alert to the consequences. —
Dangers lurking successful seduction. Once you reach the climax, emotions often take as a pendulum to the opposite direction – towards apathy, distrust, disappointment. Beware of broaching a long farewell – seized by uncertainty in itself, the victim will grip you in all forces. If you need to divide, sacrifice quickly and suddenly. If necessary, deliberately break the charm, which you created. Never let another person to be too sure about you – they can accept as a given. Use absence to cause pain, create conflict, seduced by to keep you in constant tension.

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