Start all over again after breakup with your girlfriend

by admin on October 31, 2009

Do it all over again

Do it all over again

The world is full of men who were left alone … and feel lonely. Many of them after several years of family life is not easy to return to the world of dating and dating.

Modern divorce statistics looks very depressing. A third of marriages fail in the first three years. Add to this a spouse who just happen to live separately. That is why in the world is full of men who were left alone … and feel lonely.
Many of them after several years of family life is not easy to return to the world of dating and dating. Success in such a thing as dating, comes with experience. For a couple of years you can lose all the necessary skills. So do not despair if your first evening in the bar for singles will be not so, on what you dreamed. You’ll probably need time to re-examine this world and the changes he underwent during your absence. Let the first two evenings will be for you a period of study. Turn into, dispassionate observer. This attitude will relieve you from stress. Soon you’ll easily “rent” of women in various places.
You should remember a few general principles.
1. Be patient. The main problem of men who have recently divorced, is the lack of patience. They rush to start a new woman. They are so used to the fact that every night around them was in a warm bed, a woman’s body, they believe his presence something taken for granted. Some divorced men are afraid that their body atrophied from inactivity or reduced in size. This is absolutely untrue. Resist the desire to pounce on the woman as quickly as possible. Excessive interest reduces your chances of success, in nine cases out of ten you just put off the woman. Keep calm and patience. The award will not force myself to wait.
2. Behave according to your age. I met a very attractive divorced woman of thirty, who told me about a party for divorced people. This woman has dreamed of getting acquainted with a decent man with whom she could talk and make love. Arriving at the party, she saw many men who swallowed a beer. crowded in the corner. Shyness, timidity and diffidence prevented them out from the crowd and begin to get acquainted with women. They hunted dirty jokes and drank, while recalling the company adolescents. Women, meanwhile stood apart, conversing with each other, looking at men and feeling every minute more and more lonely. My companion confessed that, if a mature and interesting man detached himself from the crowd, she walked up to him and led him away to his home. However, this did not happen. She returned to her alone, experiencing frustration and sexual hunger. Moral of this story is clear enough. You can once again become a single man, but you do not seventeen years old. Behave according to your age, and you will successfully get acquainted with women.
3. Keep your confidence. Many divorced men consider themselves “second-class product. They think that they bear the stamp of the losers. Others worry about his age and think they can not compete with a lad of twenty. Both of these representations are mistaken. According to statistics, the number of divorced persons whose age exceeds thirty, forty and even fifty years, growing steadily. The world of lonely people “aged” compared to what it was fifteen years ago, and so all are on equal footing. Of fifty men “shoot” not less than twenty-five girls, and sometimes more successfully than young people.
Remember that for every divorced man has a divorced woman. This means that you meet daily on the street, hundreds of women in the same situation as you. Today, the divorce does not reduce your social status. In fact, many recent post-divorce, women feel more comfortable with men who found themselves in the same situation. So you have a definite advantage over the young guys.
Only a few single women shun divorced men. Divorce has become so commonplace (you – one of tens of millions) that women are set to familiar exactly with divorced men. Many women, for whatever reasons, prefer men who have been in marriage. Such a person is more mature than the young men who attend bars for single … and women – always appreciate the maturity. Divorced men already. done. career and have more high incomes. However, probably the main advantage of divorced men is associated with sex. A man who went to a marriage, has a great sexual experience. He was tempted, has important skills, able to meet women. And it seems to them a valuable advantage.
Returning to the world of dating and dating, do not lose sight of the place created specially for you. Clubs, discos, bars and restaurants to give you divorced excellent chance to return to an active personal life. These facilities are not filled with losers and lunatics, but normal people like you who are looking for entertainment and communication. No matter how many years you may be, you’re bound to find a mate. You do not have, struggling with embarrassment, to say the woman that you are divorced – she already knows it.
Attend sports clubs, where men and women train together. Single people tend to care about their appearance, so many of them in such establishments. If you’re not a fan of exercise, do not worry about it. Sports Club in the first place – a place for communication, so it does not matter if a dozen push-ups – all that you are capable.
If you are going to move house, find house, where there are many lonely people. Place your residence is perfect for singles, because here a woman feel especially comfortable. Wishing to get acquainted with a neighbor, you do not awaken in her a sense of fear.
Back to the world of dating and dating is not difficult. Gone through has a divorce should not make you flawed man.

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