Social Brain Programming in dating

by admin on October 21, 2009

I know exactly what do you think.. !

“To have beautiful, smart and value to the woman herself must look like Brad Pitt and have the money to Bill Gates.
– I must be high
– Yes I am pretty
– To be rich
– Yes I am smart
– To have a car
– Yes I’m funny
– To have hair
– To be cavalier
etc. ”

This is called social programming. Society we all want to believe that having cool chick must have money, to be shown to have a career, etc.
This is not game of flirtation – the society lie. And no, not a lie that the money pit, this handsome, to have a car and help others – to have a nice woman – they really help. Lie is that these things are the most basic components in seduction and crush. Best Svaliachi / PUA /, which I know are neither rich, nor any special darlings. Also known middle-aged men (30-40), the frashkani that money and such social disabled that can not even find a girlfriend and ugly.

Actually the truth is that if you’re wearing a cool (which does not mean expensive) and if enough social and reassured, and went to a group of girls who spoke with them, “pobazikash” with them, make them laugh and they enjoy about you – how much money you have and what you look like there will be no meaning to experience, they attract you. On the contrary – if you start to boast about – how much money you earn and to qualify myself how cool, this will cause a bad effect and will look like trying to impress them and seek approval to communicate / all levels / with them .

Human brain can divided into two parts: logical and emotional brains. If the girls ask “What should be the man next to you to love (to experience attraction to) it?” She will meet with his logical mind what social programming is stuck there, “Well, I was handsome, tall, be fun to have money to treat me like a princess, makes me gifts constantly, be kind, loving, to be honest, etc. blah blah …”. Her emotional brain – where the attraction is, however, does not seek it. He looks – strong, confident man, a man who is “needy”, Alpha male. Exactly what many girls fall in love with absolute junk that treat them horribly, but have many of the characteristics of alpha.

How to eradicate harmful social programming yourself?
Follow these simple rules:
– Women are nothing special (and beautiful too) – treat them exactly as you treat your friends male or treating it as his younger sister.
– Do not seek permission and / or approval of the women (or any) for any of your own action.
– Do not act like horny dog. Do not be “needy” – subkomunikiray that it is not the most important thing in your life.
– The woman whom you want to do sex before Reports does not have to draw on its part.
– Do not wait for it to decide or to escalate your relationship. I will not do it.
– Do not do something just to impress her.
– Etc. Two words Be a man – not a piece of doggy occasion.

Subkomunikirash you succeed, you: confident, calm, cool, strong leader, its not that dangerous that not “needy”, not that you need her permission and approval be sure that it will attract to you the exam, contrary all nonsense, of which teach social programming.

Put your head in the following words and make it a motto:
“I am the nicest, most wonderful thing that can happen to a woman.”

In this post we will examine some of the major social programs. As we know social programming is a way of life to exist. Without programming / written and those written law / chaos and anarchy would be our world. But how many social programs are really good and to serve the individual himself / man / and not society as a whole? In the beginning I want to distinguish in this feature 3 types of Social Programs:
– Useful / for individuals /
– Care for a period or situation / for individuals /
– Not useful / for individuals / but good for society as a whole or less useful to the individual than for society /

Consider for example some programs.
1. Program – “Crossing the boulevard only on a green light. This is generally an excellent program for the benefit of every human being, aiming to preserve his life. Note that the program is valid for man throughout his life. You will also notice some absurd when people are most affected by programming – such as late night – where traffic lights work and has no movement – these same people are among the few who resignedly waiting to replace the green light for to pass.
2. Program – did not discuss with strangers – they are dangerous. ” Very interesting program. Undoubtedly of great significance for the safety of children. But what happens when a child grows strongly programmed? The program remains often even this man is very lonely one would do anything to find his friends. Here is an example of a useful program for the individual only for a certain period of his life and into another destructive period of his life.
3. Program – “No to be demonstrated in life you can have beautiful women to him. Here is a totally manipulative and extremely powerful program. It is part of the type of programs “Without their hard work and put effort / years grief, perseverance, sweat and blood, etc. / will not achieve its goal. This again is a very interesting program – in this extremely well and logically presented and repeated by people around you. And in fact: How many successful people know who have done so many years kartovski work? How many successful people do not know that these are again after many years of blood and sweat? / May the latter won by an overwhelming majority / successful people know how many beautiful women around him? And how not? Seems no pattern to it – and there is no guarantee that success in life will lead you and many beautiful women. However, the program is an excellent example for social programs – to move society forward – by coercing the individual prize. Only a few days ago I saw in a magazine interview with top models, which in response to “What should have one man to love you” say something like “Can not a man of 30 and not to be realized – to my ride on trams – is unacceptable “- the most interesting is that only a few minutes communicating with this type of girl she fall for me / + 90% of cases / and even my driver is – generally forgetting that I ride on trams – just because my car does not need …

Before considering some of the other programs I want to make the proviso that in many personal morality (ie the current programming of each) is the basis of whether a program will be considered right or wrong of you. I will make a comment from my perspective …

1. Monogamnost
The program has established itself with the acquisition of private property – each wants to leave the material heritage of their genes / increasing their chances of survival & reproduction / and not anyone else’s. Interestingly, studies in this respect that at least 10% of the population is not of this father, who thinks of.
The truth is that people are not monogamous. Love is just a Pair-bond and required by our genes for purely selfish reasons. The man must be attached to a woman especially in the first months of their acquaintance / sex / to be able to care for her in a difficult moment for her pregnancy and the early years of child rearing. Pair-bond-a (synonym or love) has lasted many years – not to mention life. Very interesting is the book ‘Selfish Gene “by Richard Dawkins – it appears that 90% + from the sperm of her husband not be disposed / ejaculation in / to fertilization of an egg, but to war with other sperm. If people were monogamous / women in this case / male sperm would be designed so …

2. Persistence
People are not permanent. From here there is no good and bad people. There are just moments. For example at a time the man (or woman) is an exemplary and loving husband. But after 2 years had an affair with. Then divorced. After another year he married again. This does not mean it is a bad man – is simply inconsistent. Desires, goals, ambitions, our values, etc. – All this is changing with time. You can expect 30 years of thinking in the same manner and to have the same desires as 20, and to have the same values / unless you highly susceptible to programming /. Programs such as “Marriage” aim to eliminate this volatility and often succeed at the cost of long years of misery programmed individuals.

3. Equality between men
This program sounds very fair and honest “All men are born equal – with equal opportunities, responsibilities and rights and blah blah …”. Yes, it would be valid if people were doing and went to the same mold. Where is equality and a pretty ugly girl? You have equal opportunities – why the first has a very gallant second no one even zagovarya? Where is the equality between a man with an injury and a tough guy? Where is the equality between man born into a wealthy family and a man born in the bins?
The truth is that people are not born equal and have equal opportunities. Some are beautiful, smart, clever, agile, brave – others ugly, stupid, imbecile (if thou wilt), cowardly, etc. How to put equality between them / talk and that only equal opportunity /? So it is like to put equal numbers between 1 and 1,000,000 – simply because they are both numbers. Yes, an ugly and fat girl has a right / paper / a beautiful, elegant, kind, good, loving, etc. man – but in real life actually has a very lonely or niskorangov man …

4. Equality between men and women
Again, very democratic and fair program. Only that here and there can be no question of equality. Man / non-programmable ALFA talk about man / is a leader, strong, brave nepukist, intelligent, shrewd, flexible, etc. How many women have the qualities of courage and leadership example? To those who have pussy to yourself have to develop them. But in real life how? Talk about equality, then what? Emancipation is simply a program designed to make men pussy – and often succeeded. Where in the male protects the female nature of war for example – something very common in people’s lives. The man must be a man, woman and woman – and no, this is not thinking of Aboriginal media. That is built into our genes by sex. Any feminisation of men and setting back of male characteristics in women would lead to more serious social problems and alienation of people misunderstanding and confusion of gender roles.

5. Christianity
First I want to pay deserts of religion. For centuries the rules imposed by it and the power they had helped to this day do not exist / dispute whether this is correct or not – still remains in force – have so many people on the ground – most of which are not ALPHA — and another coincidence their genes would never survive – will stop at this little detail below /.
Nowadays, however, religious programs many people away from reality. Manages and put rules in giving their lives in exchange for a promise of happiness in the afterlife.
The truth is that no one has returned from the afterlife “to prove that it really exists and that it is pretty. While it does not suggest you just live for themselves and satisfy their desires in the first place – just accept the truth has not rebutted – this life you have – the only one.

6. Shame and misconceptions and any other restrictions on sex
Nearly all parents teach their children to programs like “do not touch that,” do not look butt of Mimi “,” do not touch that, “no masturbating”, “can not watch this movie,” this is not correctly, “” Sex without love is no good “, etc. I do not know what are the benefits of these programs, but many boys and girls grow up with the idea that sex is something shameful, scary even some think it is unclean. Other / most girls / think that is something very special and wait for years “prince on a white horse just to be disappointed …

7. Programs to behave in society
Compliance with others. “Speak softly,” Be nice to everyone, “Be kind to women”, “Be a gentleman with women,” do not violate the space of others, does not bother others with nonsense “,” do not waste time on others, ” “zagovaryay not people on the street,” do not stay in a central location, but is hidden “,” Be polite “,” do not let zagovaryash beautiful women / does not seem worthy / ‘etc. – They have thousands. Fundamental to them is that made by man pussy. Note the frames of each of these programs – are the other precious / community / – you are not valued in those programs. These programs, they learn to fear slaver, drool and you fed inferiority complex. I have many friends of both sexes who do not even laugh alone with me to speak loudly and whisper, others are oily to anyone who see and seek to create Reports forced him third occupying the minimum space sit quietly and calmly. All of this behavior is the result of social programming. Many of these human beings remain deformed and miserable end of his life …

Social security programs give – yes. If you do not speak loudly, if not to laugh loudly, if not stand out, if you’re sitting in collapsed houses, if they comply with others instead of yourself – you are not a threat … but also something more – you’re nobody – not you are a self-respecting man. Yes, is unlikely to happen to you, not someone they liked and you fly to battle / examples / – more and hardly anyone will notice … But that is what you want your life?
Look at one of the results of social programming:
Over half of the population in the developed world suffer from obesity. Get out on the street, and half of men over 30 years. Faced / and now far below / have bellies. Women will not comment – there over 30 years the result is frustrating. Everyone is someone else lied niskorangov and pleased that the program keeps him – is attributable to his laziness. … Hello, when in another world can afford s can not be rushed or breathless on 30th meter. You will not be tomorrow, they have – will for some juicy dish predator or your neighbor is going to pop off for you to pinch the female. The result is a big let down genes. The aim of our genes is to find good genes and create a better generation, not worse – a lot of social programs, protect your laziness and kill what makes a man – deformed body and soul in horrible way …

We strongly recommend you re-frame any detrimental social programs at you. Live for yourself and do not comply with the stupidity of others. You are valuable. And one at your stupid job / benefit of society / can not be compared with a 10 min trip in the mountains or on the street Dating hot chick. And do not forget – you are not tangible benefits are the things that will lead to success / in each area / – else work just on your behavior, handicap and lifestyle – that is the basis …

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