Six things that attract women

by admin on October 30, 2009

How to attract woman

How to attract woman

If you do not have wealth, power, fame or attractive appearance, then you have to use your personality to make women feel good. Tips from David De Angelo.

I made a lot of research from the very beginning and I believe that most women were attracted by the following six things:

1. Wealth (wealth, things, gifts, etc.)

2. Power (influence, leadership, safety)

3. Glory

4. Appearance (including growth)

5. Exclusivity ( “kings”, is already married, it is difficult to affordable, stepfathers)

6. Personality (humor, creativity, romance, mind, mystical, etc.)

Now, numbers from first to fifth you can not immediately control. If you’re not rich, then you’re probably not going to get rich this week. If you are not famous and not high, then you’re probably not going to become famous in the film and grow in the next 24 hours.

So what remains for us to number six, PERSONALITY.

The good news is that as far as I know, your personality is the most valuable QUALITY in the game, success with women.

Fortunately, this is the only thing you can change. And this is the only thing that can overcome all the others put together. Once done everything to look good and others, you need to develop a personality that is absolutely attractive.And now about how you can do it.

By the way, one quality that attracts women the most (and continues to draw) – this is not what they called an initial appearance. This is the way they feel when they are with you or thinks about you. In the end, if you do not have wealth, power, fame or appearance, then you have to use your personality to make them feel good. In the end, your personality – is the most powerful weapon which you have.

Personality traits that attract women

In the next part I’m going to describe my unique personality and “character” that I get when I meet a woman.

But before that, I would like to tell a little about some personality traits that women find most attractive. Some of the best when working with others, and some do not work together. Here is a list with short descriptions. When I tell you more about their crossing.

—   Funny. Humor just strong women. If you can make her laugh, then you will go far.

—   Clever and Creative. Intelligence is sexy if you are using a way that it is interesting. Use your creativity and intelligence to surprise her ideas, fantasies, and unexpected things that fascinate her.

—    Educated. Education attracts women to as long as used by that motivates them. In fact, some women afraid of education, which they do not (it usually works in your favor).

—    Systematic and Culture. If you hold a stamp, the women are pecking at it. Is your shoes and belt to each other? Do you understand the interior design or a contrasting color? Are you familiar with different types of wine? Do you like European films? Do you understand fashion? Do you love Frank Senatru? You enjoy exotic food? Women notice all that nonsense ALL THE TIME.

—    Dominant. Women subconscious attraction to dominant men. Dominant males in some groups of primates are on his account to 75% of pairings. Something similar happens in humans.

—     Attentive. Women do not just love gifts, they like to know what you think about it. Gift – a symbol. A woman experiencing similar feelings when receiving a gift card or a diamond (of course, the diamond is maintained longer, so it is more than just feels happy!). But the fact remains that she feels what you think about it. Even if you say that you do not like it was with some other guy, that she likes, because it means that you’re thinking about it.

—    Notices important details. Women do not just notice details, they use them to be attractive and attract attention. If it is sexual clothes, she dressed her for a reason. If her classroom hairstyle, it is not a fluke. Women are impressed by and attracted to men who notice these details.

—    Predictable (unpredictable). Here is a paradox. Woman attract men, whom she can not control or predict its actions. They capture the guys who flirt with them and providing them with favors, and then the next day do not call them. Predictability is attractive when it comes to finding a husband. Then the woman wants a man who was very predictable.

—   Enthusiast, mobile phones, cheerful. Nothing so alienates a woman, as a fuddy-duddy. Some men get upset and pouting when the woman has fun, and trying to “delete” things from which she enjoys to show themselves above.Usually, this is a great mistake. Enthusiasm is contagious and attractive.

—   Adventurer. Women immediately attracted to men who like to do extreme, adventurous, unusual and even dangerous things. This is exciting. Adventurism sexy.

—   Persistent. Women like men who know what they want and go after them. Passion is a sign of life. I’m not talking about the persistence that leads to rape. I’m talking about the aggression that leads to setting goals and then working with passion and gets everything he wants.

—   Confident and bold. Women are magnetically attract guys who are a little insolently. Not much. It is difficult to explain. Most guys take it as being “extremely arrogant” is not what I meant. If you saw Pierce Brosnan in “The Sting Thomas Crown Affair” or Clark Gable in “Gone with the Wind” or Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”, you’ll understand what I mean. A characteristic feature of the confident and arrogant man – is moderately self-confidence mixed with humor. This starts a women.

—   Craftsmanship. If you are an expert in the field in which women are interested in your type, it may be attractive. This should be presented in the form of “I know a lot about this, let me show it to you” and not in terms of “I’m cool, but you’re not.”

—   Attention. Women like attention. And interestingly, it is better to hint about the attention that you give to it than too clearly show it. If you say “I am this morning thinking about you. I just wanted to see that I really like the sound of your voice … “This action is much stronger than if you had listened to her complaints about something and then they think you pay attention to them. Understand?

—   Lack of interest, indifference, Call. Most women were prosecuted men one way or another. If you are indifferent to the woman, make her think that you call her just because of the fact that you’re bored and behave almost sexually indifferent, and they typically do everything they can to attract your attention. Differ, it is good in this case.Again, it drives women crazy, and even if they are not for anything in that is not recognized, they are interested in this ultra.

—   Charm (to attract attention with a bright appearance). It is difficult to explain. See James Bond movies to understand. And look “dirty sneaky bastard.” Pay attention to the hero of Michael Caine. Charm is attractive, because it has something from “The Prince on a white horse.”

—    Romantic fantasy and Prospects. See the film “Don Juan De Marco” and listen to how Don Giovanni is a world. Instead of looking at the exterior of a woman, he looks inside it to find a beautiful piece. Romantic view provides an opportunity for poetic comments, interesting stories, fascinating history and emotional interpretation of all.

—    An expert in body language. This is important because a woman is constantly sending signals. I will tell more about it in the next chapter.

—     Sexual mastery. Women love sex just as men. But like everything else in life, a cool lover is very difficult to find. Women immediately begin to depend on experienced lovers, who know how to bring them to ecstasy and teach them new ways to feel amazing.

Each woman is a bit unique. There is no one magic system to which the woman responds. If the system does not work on a woman, do not throw the system … use it on another woman. (Most of the successful men I know would say that they are successful only because they are able to take “no” and do not take it personally. Once again, the losers take the rejection as a personal insult. Do not make this mistake.)

So begin right now. Take a break and describe the type of woman you’d like to attract. Then send for the qualities that you think would attract her. And then begin to work hard to develop these qualities.

The idea is to create your own winning combination and then find a place to use it, it must be best to work it with you. You want to give the impression of interesting, original and charming man.

By the way, if you do not know what attracts your type of women, ask! That’s right, just go to the woman, as soon as you see her and say “Can I ask you a question? I’m sure you probably already with someone you meet. But can you tell me something … I want to know what attracts a woman like you in a man? What are you looking at it? “And you will know that many women, who do you stand it, this issue will be glad to answer you. Strictly speaking, you’ll see that some will help you in other ways, if you ask. They go with you shopping, help change the design in your home, help you choose the hair … anything.

But most guys are afraid to ask, or feel hares because of the fact that asking for help. Do yourself a favor. If you have problems, get help. Women are amazingly generous when helping men become attractive.

David De Angelo

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