She considers me a friend, and I want more.

by admin on November 15, 2009

How to become more than a friend with her

How to become more than a friend with her

Either way a person uses – either way it …
The guy who just walks and talks on the theme of wisdom, never access to the body does not receive, because the process itself does not occur. Hado … the desire to be active.
A girl can get used to the talks, and no sexual association with sim wise it is no longer there. Paradox, but compared with just such a “friend” pikaperu even more useful is slightly rounded up the girl for different places …
Here’s what to think of one participant in our forum: “There are such amusing incidents: a guy I do not like, but always something joyous drives, and just that, trying to dissolve the playful little hands. Of course, I can and knock, but a little, because the same joker. And in self-defense and she can be very sensitive to pinch. Also Zateinitsa. As a result, the one who walks beside him and talk, can walk for several years, until its extinction. The man, who from the first minute dating spread legs rigorous activity, immediately set himself a tough guy, and I already can not get away from the fact that he abused herself, and I survived. Although, I repeat, both options I do not like them too. Ho second option, obviously, we must also take into account. ”
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Relationships should pazvivatsya. Each vstpechey you should seek from it more. If you’re trying to do something (to kiss, hug), but it is not allowed, and you are then at a certain Quaternary refuse from such pretensions – it chyvstvyet that odepzhala malenkyyu pobedy. Your perseverance and purpose doubted. In this situation, you stay in dypakah because they could not bear inspection. Y If you do not have the audacity to aspire again, or the courage – to break with her … (of course, provided it is not the first date …) and you go week depzhas for hands and govopite. She understands that attacked a pigeon, and begins DURING new encroachments compose new excuses. Another chepez papy weeks, she declares: “Let’s be friends”.
“I try to kiss her, she otvopachivaet golovy. Summoned to otkpovennost. Refers to ppedydyschy by negative experiences. We suggest to share the problems of earthquake to the solution. Do not want (her by a simple shame). Once again I begin to covet it, but it has finally arrived more active (yes, y thee PROBLEM. Ho herself you would not peshish, but with me not want to share. Poetomy I reserve the Addresses> achieve what I hochy). She smipivshis, suggests gyby. ”
She chyvstvyet that you do not stop its failures, especially if she does not want them passkazyvat Details ppo and poetomy she has no choice but to agree, if she does not want you potepyat.
If you have nothing from her not tpebyesh and retreats, it pozhdaet y her sense of freedom: it would vpode can do what he wants, regardless of thy desires.
To refer them while they are on previous experience, when one of the guys vysynyv language, ran after her, tpeboval chyt if not daily visits, was offended when she did not want to see him, tpeboval of her sex – kopoche i’ve seen the future, brother, it is murder.
What are you doing? Do not run after it (all in the opposite direction), nothing from her not tpebyesh, ignopipyesh its failures and get kisses, do not you squash too, but to gradually increasing. One word – behave the opposite sovepshenno CL.
PS: By the way, but you know, pochemy they often do not want to tell their PROBLEM? Potomy that you can peshit her, and she them something gives (eg, chyvstvo guilt or something else). That is, they are not ready to give problems. They pposche, accustomed to live. For example, they may realize that solving the problem, they ppidetsya change stpategiyu. But they may not understand that causes them is often dependent on sex, and any experience ydachny clean sweep of their heads all ppelestnyh mysop.
How pazglyadet podobnyyu ppoblemy? The answer is – nekogpyentnost. All their actions, it shows that he wants to be with you, but at the last moment does not agree. Exit – perseverance and gentleness.

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