Sex with ex-boyfriend, which we have not slept

by admin on October 18, 2009

It is always better to consult and ask for others’ opinions, because very often it turned out better because of the objective viewpoint. Because of this I run this topic.
The story is as follows. Almost fell in love with a girl, which were very good friends. I told her me-first rejected (at least 10 were genuine reasons), but play around a bit and then we left. In the beginning our relationship was going like wildfire. Jump alone I could not believe how fast everything happened.
I kept various small game. But she was often dissatisfied with them and decided that, provided that everything is pink, rather they prevent me than helping me. Big mistake. My second big mistake was that too much strain and it showed her feelings, and pressed it a little.
Finally, we were not in a city for a period of 20 days, after which everything was ruined. It was another, more cool, wish it was killed. Perhaps risked stubborn and continued to behave as before, no games, showing her how important she is and how I am sunk. Search results – dumped me on the pretext that thought long and decided that our relationships are rather friendly and would never change, and become such as I want.
I managed to get it back for a while, but again drew back and said that I solved. If you’ve decided what I wanted, he would still happen. So I let it go, as it is not sought for some time. We decided to remain friends. Every day, touch, see each other often behave normally is sometimes irritate, but rather harmless.
And here comes the question of sex. While walking, she wanted it, because sex was not long, but restrained and told me he did not want to hurry. Constantly talking about their sex every day sending me SMS-challenging and etc. My mistake, it does not get there, that was too much strain it. Whenever we were together, and therefore it turns around confused, but the location was not convenient for later. Not had any time to do it … because so little as it is, it met again, and stopped to be as “the pole”.
Now sometimes raises the topic happens to say something like “lol I only sucks that I woke up this desire in you and not having sex” and see that it is still doing much, and she is me she said. Thing for me is that to have sex with a boy, you must trust him a lot, and those around her at the moment none.
And now I wonder if the smaller games that do to annoy me, is always adjusted to the days when tracking and that sometimes happens to me fingers would jokingly while neck can be any characters he still wanted to sleep with me? And what would be the most appropriate behavior according to what you can do it?


Okay, man, in any way she wants to show you that he wants sex from you, and you’re looking for justification for the place and what not, do not do it. I think it was even more direct. Few women are so direct, it seems this is very weather-beaten.
What are you waiting for? To grab the hand and they took it somewhere? Or do you just ask in the text? Well this is rare, because women have one defense mechanism: “Do not consider me a whore … weather-beaten. So you must poemesh to settle things.
Now if this was @ manowar, who do not know where you disappeared, would you say in a rough way to take her somewhere and fuck her without paying any attention to its “resistance”. I will try to give you a second word of advice:  Asking it to you with a pretext to show her something, watch videos, etc. For some random thing in your bedroom. Pressing it, if you ignore it pulled a little – check your mail, watch something alone, etc. Then again, pressing it and saying so long as you go.
One thing is clear – and it was ready long ago, so you know it.

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