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by admin on October 24, 2009

4 secrets of successful sex

4 secrets of successful sex

First, I want to remind you about the differences in how men and women reach and experience sexual arousal.

For clarity, let’s define the word “experience”. Like all people, we’ll use the five primary senses to gather information about the world. This is called “perception”. Most of perception occurs at an unconscious level.
And only after that we can handle that perceived by our senses. We compare new experiences so that we already have, we Spread it on the shelves, we envision and unconsciously react to it. Now we decide that we will do with the fact that we have just experienced. Again, everything happens unconsciously. Finally, we do what we have decided to do. And did you know … again, mostly unconsciously.
This description is very simplified, but I think this is a suitable model for our work. I am sure that men and women go through these four stages a little differently. And when it comes to sex, I believe, they come to this very differently. I bring this to your attention, because most people treat others as they would like to see them so treated. They communicate in a way that, as they think it makes sense. They usually think they know what is best for others without first making sure of that.
But it makes sense. Most people do not walk around with a clever look, saying to himself: “Hmm, I wonder Sarah feels the same taste of coffee, that I see?” And “Interestingly, the taste of water for it is exactly the same as for me, or he’s a little different? … “Most people ask themselves these questions once or twice in my life, but they usually stop to ask themselves when they decide that most people feel the same when they drink coffee, etc.
Conclusion: when it comes to most “serious” sensations (the value of something, well-known items), such as a blow to baseball, the taste of salt or a vision of color, we as a people, we have very similar experiences. But when it comes to “thin” sensations (less pronounced, and in this context, more complex) people, and, in particular, men and women, have very different experiences.
For example, if you show a man and woman catalog clothing, the man usually pays attention to fashion models, and a woman – on clothing, including colors and fine details. Finally, the order or sequence of experiences and ideas played a major role in the reactions, which show men and women. In the area of sex, men usually very simple: he saw beauty, wound up and wanted to have sex. All this for 1-3 seconds. A man may be away from work, driving a car and saw a beautiful woman’s eye, come in a good mood. On the other hand, women are arranged a little harder. Even if a woman sees a handsome man, she rarely excited. The first thing a woman feels when she sees an attractive man – usually curiosity or interest … the desire to know him better. If a man smiles at the woman, a woman takes this smile to himself as “Hi, you look cool.” If a woman smiles at the man, he usually interprets this as “hello, I want sex”.
This difference Turns many first encounters a deadlock. Conclusion: for a woman enter into a sexual mood takes longer, and this is very different than in men. And when I talk about sex and how to beat the best case, you should keep the above in mind. Some of the things about which I’ll tell you may sound like an “interesting idea” or unusual things.
It’s not quite true. Even if they are interesting and unusual, they are all in a special touch you mind women and form a preference. 50000 years ago, women were supposed to think, will this one man that’s a good earner and a good pair for her. And so I believe in romance.
If a man is really interested, he will show some signs of their devotion … and will wait for sex. And it works. Women love things like “no hurry”, “anticipate”, “sensuality”, “romantic conversations” and “erotic game”.
Yes, I know, I know. We all want girls who are excited by our unshaven faces and unkempt hair in the mornings. But these are the cards that we have passed, and we must learn how to play them in this life. Let’s go.
So, I just mentioned a few ideas. Let’s summarize them. How do feel? In general, female plants from a few main things:
1. The tone of voice, sensual (not sexual) speech and vivid descriptions. Women love to hear the sexy voice, describing the thoughts, feelings and scenarios in detail.
2. A wide range of touching, kissing, spanking, courtship and embraces.
3. Odors and smell. Women love a good perfume. And women love when they sniff.
4. Tastes. Women love to cheer such wonderful things, like strawberry, chocolate and champagne.
Have you noticed that I missed? I have not included the appearance on my list. Why? Well, women are not excited by what he saw as much as the other senses. The men usually infest the spectacle of more than from all other senses combined.
It is true that your appearance may prevent you to be attractive to her. Because of your dusty, and not on what you are “not the kind of guy” or something else. But I am sure (and this is confirmed again and again) that if you guide it correctly, you can overcome the negative impression of your appearance and strongly excite a woman, using her other senses and imagination.
Now I will say a few words about how women notice the details. Women distinguish subtle things. If you take her hand, she feels the warmth and friendliness on your part. If you are very gently and slowly spend your fingertips on her hand, she begins to wind up (when all other attendant circumstances, of course). If you kiss her fervently and protolknesh tongue deep into her mouth, her peredernet of disgust. But if you kiss her gently … then slowly stand back and look into her eyes … then again, kiss slowly and gently … you zazhzhesh fire in her heart, which will flare up (if everything else you do it correctly). I also mentioned the romance.
For me, romance – this is a simple demonstration that the whole meeting with her and “relationship” with her full of profound meaning. This is a way to tell her: “I want to please you.” If you play in the romance too long, you nazhmesh on a button inside it, which is called “he loves me and wants to marry me.” So be careful. I recommend this romance, which uses feelings and but that does not employ the money, gifts and love letters. There is nothing wrong with them, except for the fact that they lead directly to the registrar. If you want to get married – perfect. If not, be careful and use experience.

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