Several rules of how to seduce a girl at a party.

by admin on July 18, 2010

Three simple rules of seducing a girl at a party full of strangers. The rules apply only if you go to a place where you know 2-3 people maximum.

party dating advice1. There are always last with a bang. So the whole first attract attention to himself and is off to someone you do not notice. As another plus, and put that thought that that you asked, waiting for you, wondering where you are and talk about you as you turned into a secretive and interesting person, even before you arrived at kuponcheto.
2. Understanding is always first with the boys. So make time to ensure that all present and to select the object of your desires. Naturally, this subject are introduced last.

3. Try to find a place to sit or somewhere between girls and boys, or very close to a girl like you, nor too far. Thus avoiding the chopping of small groups of girls and boys, and obvious desire to sit … if only the girls. So achieve a double effect, remain the center of attention and start a conversation without you is unthinkable.

Once you have entered the situation you are familiar with everyone and have found a place at the table, comes the hardest part, how to win and retain the attention of the desired object.

4. In no, but in no way trying to use tactics of “ignore” (you want to ignore a girl under the pretext that you do not like, and at a time when his head natresete). This is too cliched, and the success of crush is below 15%. Subtleties here comes from the ability to hear other.
Sitting at the table, do not start a conversation immediately, just join an existing one by twisting the topic of conversation so that you get the information you need for a coveted girl. And if it does not participate in the conversation, you can always turn to reply, “And you …. What do you think about it “so not only it is included in the conversation, but also receive bonus points that you care about not bored at the party.
5. Once you have gathered initial information about the desired object comes trudanta most part, to start a specific conversation using the collected information or to start taking the rest of the call until only two remain. Once only two remaining in conversation with her is zayazhte for something a little on which her very excited. Then put it under pressure (I’ll tell you something “spicy” – “secret”, but after a while), making it from the table and go at least another person tied conversation by occasionally throwing an eye to the girl .
Women hate to keep them under pressure and pretty soon you will recall that it had to and say something. And once again requesting you come in and you can always bring a place where you only 2mata and continue the conversation.
6. Once separated you from the crowd and left alone, you won the battle of 80%. There has only your charm and ingenuity will show whether they will leave with the girl or it will just take the phone for a second attempt.
As a note I want to mention that these 5 rules should apply only to one person per coupon. If you defeat this guy, fight retreat rather than choose another. Otherwise you risk all to think that you have the serial womanizer weather-beaten …

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