Seduction without the words

by admin on November 7, 2009

Given: a girl older than me, more than 5 years old, closer to 8
Time of action: the beginning of February

Period from dating to sex: 2,5 hours.

Find: Pivnyatskaya party in a bar in Moscow

Meet: A table filled with various goodies, was completely piled beer mugs in the air was a hum of voices mixed up.Sometimes a pause, and someone said a toast, then all stood up in unison and loudly, endorsing, drank to the prosperity of our pivnyatskoy squads. I came closer to the evening, when the party was in full swing, who would have already come, who was about to leave, was still there. There were about 40 of them are about 10-12 girls. Introduction. At some point, immediately after my arrival, I was beside her, smiled, held out his hand, introduced himself and, in response to her smile, gently stroked her back. During the next hour LA to my right sat through one or two Pivnyak.

Attract. I have not said a word to her for an hour, but from time to time signs, which devised the course, told her all sorts of instructive things from her life and her immediate future. She looked at me, smiled and slowly began to play up, straightened her hair, straightened her blouse, and a barely perceptible stroked beer mug – up and down. I imagined and brought her emotionally through metasoobscheniya some information. Imagine as if you were with another person alone, and you can not speak, but you want to tell him something very important to both of you and do it with gestures, movements, some signs or something else. Metasoobscheniya that I gave: “You’re pretty”, “You’re clever,” “I admire you,” I’ll fuck “, etc. This internal state, when I pronounce mentally and physically accompanied by what I said in her address. There has been a game to be fine views. I looked at her intently, imagining that there is only me and her, and nobody else. We seemed to stand together under a large glass dome, we can observe everything that is happening around and with it we are alone and we share something intelligible only to the two of us. Metasoobschenie: “I know something about you. I know that you know what I know about you something. ” Communicate with her so held in the intervals between the way I chatted with Pivnyak and drank beer. My attention has been focused either only on it, or not on it at all. Most of the time I felt her presence, as if we came together and I pulled it before a few times or something else. I do not know. Between us established a special relationship, and I felt it. I caught her eye, when I looked at her, her flushed cheeks. I played with it a game of billiards, for the first time with her talking. She said that she was very interested in how we communicate. Against the background could be heard blows balls chokane mugs, cries Pivnyak. The room was light enough for a lot of people in the bar were no free seats. I walked up to her, smiled, priobnyal waist, then ran his hand up the back and stroked her hair, then moved up to her and kissed her. It was a brief kiss (3 seconds). She pulled away slightly, glancing at the table, where sat my friends. I took her by the priest, led him aside and began to kiss for more than a frivolous, no one saw us, we were alone. I stepped back a bit and she started to be active, embraced and began kissing.

L.: “Not bad to go then to a club, I want to dance!”

Me: “When this all ends, go back and it is a great place where I’ll drink more beer, and we will be able to communicate with you.”

Close: Time – the beginning of the first, began to disperse. Even the lamps on the street, it was cool and sped past the car. I caught the car and we drove up to me.

Fuck: walked up to me and went into the elevator. Embraced, we kissed. We went to my apartment, I prepared tea, battered – and I began to caress her, to initiate and sexually harassing. Trachea. Morning accompanied her to the car, said goodbye. I was about to leave. She:
– Write down my phone …
– Dictates.
– Xxx-xx-xx
– Recorded. (pause)
– My name is LA …
– Aha …
I planted it in the car. After 5 minutes, phoned and said that she is a gem that I was with her was very good, and I call her. After this meet regularly about once a week, I have. It rings, I appoint the time and place.

What I have done well: a well conducted fast seduction, setting off the first day of acquaintance.

What could I do better: he could fuck LA together with the girl who sat opposite me at the bar.

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