Seduction game of contrasts

by admin on October 26, 2009

top rules of seducing...

top rules of seducing...

Common feature of these games one – they work, are working well and all. For the application of these techniques not necessarily be an expert in NLP, know by heart the Kama Sutra and ability to fly without a parachute. These techniques work for regular folks that wants something so much that they took the trouble to try.
Method One: “Closer – Read More”

Favorite technique of the female sex. But this does not mean that females are immune to this technique. The essence of this method is quite simple: The concerned young man, keep it to yourself. For what purpose was a guy with a hold – is not important. The method is used as follows: first, “Closer”. This may be hints of the bed, flirting, not rolling limits of decency. This creates attraction between man and woman, a kind of binding. Once a man begins to think that he got this woman should be “more”. Method for using “more” is very diverse. Usually, this is a game: “I should think, or part of the game” Dinamo “. In the latter case can be replayed disturbance, passing in “righteous anger”. There may be other options. This alienates men from the women themselves.
If a woman is interested in a man (and these games are played only with the right people), then after some time to be a new stage of “Closer”. Usually the second phase of “Closer” from the man asked to complete a minor or major service. The essence of this technique is simple: to keep himself useful about her rights, not giving him anything, except advances and pushing his imagination to self-deception.
Method number two: “The pendulum”
The method is based on the B-D, but the main goal – the seduction of women, using their passion for B-D. Using the technique: first motivates a man or a woman makes one think that it interested him. It’s not important. It is important that first period is “closer”. For example, one week for the first “closer”. This is quite enough to understand further the desirability of continuing the game. Then the man makes the “NEXT”. Implementation can be different – from complete disappearance of the week from a field of view, to the apparent cooling of the woman at 50 degrees. At this point, a woman will try to make a “closer” – because she is playing this game and, in its conception, the time for “more” does not come. In this situation the main stand and not go on about her “closer”, not “kupitsya” to advance and play in their “NEXT”. Stage “further” should be approximately the same duration with a step “closer”, for example, for a week each.
The second swing of the pendulum again starts with the “closer”, but this phase continues, for example, 5 days. This is followed by a five-day stage of “NEXT”. Then, with hesitation, for example, three-day phases. Then one day. And then the game can be terminated. At the last (last) pendulum woman would be in full dissonance, because the man with one hand in front of her, on the other – does not play her game. It will apply the “closer” during the “forward” men, and, observing a certain pattern – the less effect on men conceived it closer, the closer it really would be.
So, the time for which the pendulum and is engaged – to catch the maximum “closer” women and dirty to use it. For example, sleep with her.
Method Number Three: “Needle”
This is our development, located in the testing stage. The technique has been used only five times and gave a positive result in four of them. The method is a special case of the B-D in combination with a gap pattern, no other relationship has yet been found.
The method is applied as a means of shaking the long-term relationships that have become boring. Your girl thinks he can take you on the neck. But forget about one thing – to sit on the neck, to spread her legs.
Description of technique: a man and a woman have any relationships that have fallen over the brink of bed. For example, take the situation where the IGLU uses man, just beginning to shake conceited woman. But I am convinced that this technique works in both directions, so no restrictions on the use, I do not think so. In addition to general checks on environmental friendliness, of course. So, while a man plays in the advanced “Closer” – his relationship with a woman consist only of positive things for her. Later, for example, three months, when the relationship seems well established and the current woman in the right in its understanding of the channel should needlesticks. Moreover, the injection should be totally unexpected – and what it would be unexpected, the better the effect is manifested NEEDLES. The essence of the needle stick is to make a concentrated “forward”, and with the maximum possible for this woman’s intensity.
For each woman intensity selected individually. For one woman the maximum intensity will be the word “bitch podzabornaya” in her address, but for a different limit may be the slap and an apparent breakdown in the relationship. I repeat – a shot should be as verified for each woman, and not to cause irreparable harm to her psyche. Injection should be on the verge of a foul. Moreover, injection should be located in the shortest period of time – for example, 2-3 hours. The amplitude of the injection should grow from nothing to a peak and then just as abruptly subside. Sufficient condition for reducing the amplitude of the injection to zero is total confusion and disorientation women. Immediately after the needle stick, the maximum – after 4-8 hours, you need a woman to apologize for his “inappropriate behavior” and “make amends” to her. The best option would be to call the morning after the evening injection.
Impact of injection: a woman realizes that she still did not recognize you until the end. She understands that you can teach her more surprises in the future. It is shaken and starts to think about improving your relationship or finally goes, if a shot was too strong. (This was the fifth case.) Maybe it is recommended as a means to break the relationship? The amplitude of the injection site should seek to minimize a minimum time of your relationship. This is due to the general inertia of the human psyche. Thus, the more time you have a policy of closer, the more can be your needlesticks. The total resultant line of your relationship will return to a positive direction very quickly.
Technique Number Four: Communication “B-D” methodology “plus-minus”
This technique is used in conversations as a means to make good progress compliment. The essence of this technique – contrast. First, minus the man says, then – plus. Plus on the emotional impact should be much higher minus. As an obvious error – the design it in style: “This is the classroom at that ass girl! But yours did, too. Correct thing would be to make a compliment to the style of Arab poets: “It is hunchbacked and deaf: but the owner of the camel with its beauty can conquer all.” Full scope for creativity.

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