Seducing a woman with your look

by admin on January 16, 2012

Seductive lookToday we’ll talk on sight – it can issue a lot about you relating to your confidence and sincerity.

First, there is no such thing as a super seductive, mesmerizing, masculine look. People thinking the opposite, usually include walking mode “Terminator” (looking bad) or ” Don Giovanni “, which no one is tied and the effect is rather unfortunate fun. However, you betray a few tricks which can fire girl. Based on body language. 1. Open your eyes 75% (100% is the maximum solution – it will look like a psychopath. Less than 75% and look sleepy or drugged). 75% perfect – will create the effect of the most seductive Hollywood actors.

2. Tilt your head slightly down to your chin closer to your chest. This bending of the head going to crazy, will show her that you are sexually interested.

3. Do not blink too much or do it slowly (the opposite is a sign of nervousness and destroy the spark).

4. Do not break contact before it – so show dominance, but every woman loves to be a strong man.

Now we will continue with your normal view, you will use this in most of the time. Do not defeat the eyes and head bend down – this is a sign of obedience. It is better to do it sideways. Do not forget to blink, otherwise it is scary. Smile while watching people – so you look friendly and positive person.

If you talk to a group of people divide their eyes to all members of the group, not just the girl you find attractive.

If you look on the girl to hold on you a few seconds – go ahead, this is a signal of interest . To avoid risk, you can test the soil with inviting gesture – to oplezite, lift up a cup for cheers, to shake his hand or just grinned widely. If she responds positively – go for it.

Another important for men who have girlfriends – keep eyes only for her. While in the initial phases is a good trick to looking and the other girls, that would help you in any case, if you do it with a girl who behave. Thus it loses confidence in you, and you would be delighted if your girlfriend incredible looking around at other men’s bottoms and biceps.

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