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by admin on November 10, 2009

Wherever he went, she fills the room. Innate charisma? Perfect look? Maybe fluent in the techniques of seduction? Beautiful woman who wants and knows how to get it!

Whe woman seduction power

Seduction power of the woman

Flirt ever built was a cult, today we are fast and practical: “create and maintain relationships. Boring. Uncommitted flirting could be so beautiful – the eyes began to sparkle, shine skin, heart beating wildly, I feel attractive, desirable and happy. Compare flirtation with cinnamon, sprinkled on a cappuccino – in any case is not mandatory, but gives a unique taste.

Imagine two very beautiful women at a party. Granted one sits in the corner with a glass of Coke in hand. The other, with head lifted high and playful smile, standing straight and delicate finger passes along the edge of her martini. There is no doubt which side is more attractive to men. Smiling lady radiating confidence.

The power of first impression
Psychologists are categorical that the first impression in 55% of their impact depends on how you look or behave, 38% – from how we speak and only 7% – of what we say. The good news is that with a few simple tricks can increase their attractiveness. Sexy walk, eager eyes, passionate voice – divert all attention to itself:

First impression is really important to her!

First impression is really important to her!

Posture makes women
Always sit upright, with slightly relaxed and issued back shoulders, abdomen and tuck. Look – straight ahead. If your toes are facing the interlocutor, it is one of the obvious signs that you like. Keep your hands with palms up, to look open and welcoming.

Gait of the temptress
Gait, which best shows the feminine curves, this is a roll of the hips. While proceeding, imagine that the cord attached to the pelvic region, pulling you forward. Keep your tummy tight and gently deliver just one leg over the other. So would seem that if your hips slightly polyushva. Raise head, shoulders, back straight and look up the chest. The exercise is performed slowly and high heels.
Passion in his voice
The voice is a powerful tool for seduction. Fast talking high-toned strastoubiets is true. Try your timbre is rich, melodic and slightly hoarse.

Here’s one technique: sit down with your hand on your diaphragm and take several air. Exhale through your mouth. Then issuing shrill “hmm” and then reduced by one octave. Imagine that a reduction in height, your voice penetrates deeply into the body. Repeat three times, more and more downloads height. Finally, imagine how your voice sink into the chest cavity. At this point it would have to speak from the diaphragm and your voice sounds very tempting.

Flirt with her hair
Gestures with her hair are very tempting. But instead of turning poiztarkanoto lock around his finger, touch her hair with slow, caressing movement. Looking under the fringe is also very elegant flirtation. A slightly disheveled hair seemed to have just risen from sleep, is super sexy. When the hair is lifted to the tail or bun, bared neck has a strong stimulant effect.

Seducing her with your voice

Seducing her with your voice

Cosmetics on your side
If you want to shining set of reflecting light moisturizer and foundation – they will divert attention from the defects in the skin. Replace lipstick with lip gloss, which will make them more dense and fluffy. Curved eyelashes to make your eyes more open and alive. Be sure to take time to manicure to look beautiful in your hand gestures to them.

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