Secret of coolest dudes

by admin on October 23, 2009

Most recently, his talk with a boy friend, a day on which a gentle creature, he was subjected to much self-esteem tests. I know a secret for you, And I will tell you …

And this secret is that you really super cool dude. You are not just cool, you’re at least 10 times cooler than what it seems to other people. I can see him because I know exactly what to watch, but others may not. This, as you know itself, your age prevents you already. But to start and others around you you give due respect and admiration (of which you deserve 120%) need to stop hiding this secret and let the cool dude in you deserve to take their place and show to other people .

How do I receive so that a man may be intelligent, good, brave, ambitious, persistent, positive, responsible, and generally having all these fundamental qualities that make it a worthy representative of the strong sex, while, at the height of forces and the best years of his life, be forced to keep humiliating battles with the women in his life, which has acquiesced that anyway you can not come up a winner. Feel that there is no control over sexual and emotional life and trembles when looking for new challenges, while others, far more unworthy of it seems to ease his deserved swipe sex and emotion. To realize that the man who he is, seems not to be the man who likes women. That somewhere in the chain is wrong …

Most men after the age of 20th anniversary, usually already have built character, confidence, and strong understanding of what people are like, what they like and what they do not like, what can and what can not. For more than 90 percent of men, although they never admitted it publicly (and thus should!), Women are in the list of things that “they can not. Even after having had 5 boyfriends, even after they got married! And seeing that there are men who are cool that are free and held with unwavering confidence and assurance to women who know how to type “bad boys” of which women can not resist. And those 90% they say: “Well fine, but I’m not one.”

Yes I did. There is absolutely no difference between you and the coolest dude on planet Earth. The only reason why the girls put on him, but you spend it in the ninth round of hell until I removed my pants, is that any accidental situations in his life he had been lucky and have some things to you who you are occurred (or vice versa – you have to happen to you things to him he was spared). At any other juncture could very well be that you, who admire women and men envy.

For example, remember the following anecdote: in the fifth grade, our general mentality was that girls should chase and fight, and although we were already aware that there are more interesting things that can be made with classmate, no man knew exactly what way. One bright day after the end of an extracurricular event, when he started hanging between the next handful of small groups of boys and girls, several girls began pushing to pull a few of us, until they finally pulled not one, brought him to his small group and their said “Him today will kidnap him!” So with that breakaway guy (we will call him J.) away, and although it also was not clear what exactly is a pussy and what they play around with it since then Y. became another person – something enlightening in his head and he was not interested in irritating classmates already, and tried to go somewhere alone with them, go to your guests, and so such adventures. Which in principle was not typical for a boy like him – he was a plodder, A student of class, and certainly limit a good boy. But while graduate students, J. was out with the hottest girls of our graduates, and two – including one that is currently mutresa many famous Mafia, one that made a successful career as an acquaintance before he married a wealthy uncle, and one that a year after the split polished dibidyus naked photo shoot in the “Club M” (then still had no “Playboy” and “Maxim”).

Here is another story. When I started my first job, HE was the man the strong, which met there. Was much larger than me, and with confidence sky-high. In the company in which they work, managed to depose and to sleep with two women at cool – one of the boss and bartender, and that while there was a serious girlfriend, who lived with. Every time when she went on a trip somewhere (which happened frequently), he most unceremoniously started to gear or any of her colleagues, or to download a local girl. But what most impressed me about him and who then could not quite figure out was his attitude to women: kid them, commanded them, even if it offended (or at least what I understand it once), but instead they infuriate him (as would be done if I had tried something like that), he enjoyed even more. Just at that time, I experience a drama with a chick, which, after half a year I was squirm on his finger and makes me a crazy until I fulfill all her desires, I was dumped unexpectedly and was smashed my fragile heart (a few months then in a fit of desperation of life found on the internet what is this pickup). So then HE told me his story. One summer at age 16 he met a girl in a great many hlatva. Two months out only two, made the first sex in her life, love up to your ears. To such an extent is confident that this is the best girl in the world and now can not live without it, it decided to propose to her betrothed and finish school to get married. At the end of that summer go to sea with her parents, where he plans to reveal its serious intentions to her and her family plan, however, suffered a total collapse when in the middle of the holiday comes 20-year old boyfriend of pinup girl, who in all this time was not in Bulgaria and is now back. N. course only experienced this outcome, but thereafter becomes a super blunt and direct with women and learned how to turn them on their toes as they have done before with him.

Let me say again: the only chance, so that the nature and treatment of women a man evolve in one way rather than another. Whether any intense emotional experience with a girl has changed the way you see fair sex, whether in the family environment or you have a model of alpha behavior that you learned to follow a small, if you got into any environment that is conducive to ekstrovertnost and high self-esteem, all these are external factors that strongly influence the inner game, and when they occur at a very early age are crucial to what direction your character will evolve. But these are random factors. And when someone has already raised her husband took stock: I am introverted, I’m shy, I’m too good and educated, I can not talk so loud and I’m afraid to stand out among the people, he should realize that this is only part the potential that is embedded in it – the part which is parade by chance, that happened or not happened in his life. And that same man may also be ekstroverten, funny, cheeky and irresistible as illogical way for women to be always in the limelight and the coolest guy in the company – if you realize that these qualities have already set them in it you just need to cultivate them. And that does not mean changing yourself to like someone a means to realize the full potential of what is, This is the secret of the coolest dudes who do not benefit from the lottery, and achieve their goals with their own efforts and perseverance .

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