Second date with her – what to do?

by admin on October 29, 2009

What to do on your second date

What to do on your second date

The best is usually a collaborative film by a bottle of good wine / champagne. It is desirable that the film was also about the beautiful love – the girls love the passion for this business and immediately start trying on all these feelings to myself, but here, just by the way, have you, as a single, but still a hell of an attractive male specimen.

After the first date again is pause a day or three before you call her again. Let digest all pleased that she has been with you for the first time, let him think about you and is going through, I’ll call you at all. Time once again working on you.
The best is usually a collaborative film by a bottle of good wine / champagne (of course you remember that you first need to pour and serve a glass of the lady, and only then – to itself, and not to forget the time to fill her glass). First, in light doses of alcohol will help her feel more relaxed (for you, I hope, this will not be no alcohol), and secondly, you will have enough time to create a sustainable rapport, adapting to her posture, movement breathing.
It is desirable that the film was also about the beautiful love – the girls love the passion for this business and immediately start trying on all these feelings to myself, but here, just by the way, have you, as a single, but still a hell of an attractive male specimen.
You can, as if by chance, to begin to touch it, gently stroking her back (damn erogenous zone, if you do not know) or a palm. Take the hand, by the way – a very good option. In this situation, it does not seem blatant attempt at living space, and you can very well trace its reaction. If it starts (at least very little) to respond to this with some rebuttals movements, then at least kiss and then you’ll like it today. And in most cases – not just kiss.
Of course, whatever you do, you will somehow communicate. It was then and act. Do not miss the moment when it’s time to move on to the strongest body movements. If at any point you feel that you can already try to kiss her – not to slow kiss. Just do not ask permission. General, never ask permission for anything. Just kiss. Softly and tenderly, not sucking on the move her tongue into his mouth. Gently suspended – kiss on the neck, shoulders, arms, and then try again, try again with his lips. Almost always it ends with success.
Once it had agreed to a second meeting with you and, moreover, went to your house, it just is interested in you, and further developments – in your hands.
Although, again, is all. There was one very beautiful girl, who was treated for a long time and tedious. Invited to meet – agrees. It seems to do everything right, and she in any attempt even to simply take the hand visibly strained, not to mention kissing. To have to choke her, it took me a record for a long time – five visits to the constant attempts to demolition of the roof. At some point I just felt the need to wriggle deeper into her confidence, reducing his rank to her rank, and only then, at the right moment, a sharp move to the assertive action and just take it, despite all the bickering. And everything was fine. Where only after it had happened to Trapped and stiffness, when it is after rough sex obtselovyvala me like a madman.
But never bring the matter to the commonplace rape. When you see in the eyes of shyness, accompanied by nervous laughter and the words: “What kind of arrogance is that?”, And signs of this fear – immediately rolled back.
By the way, about “the story back home.” You should always be able to bring a girl there, where you can comfortably remain private. Is it your apartment, your parents, giving a friend or neighbor’s shop – not so important. The main thing is that except you no one was there, and the girl could calm doshlepat naked to the bathroom when you have all held. If you have extra witnesses you greatly reduce your chances of being successful event, adding it to a whole slew of worrisome “what if?” It you want?
Extremely ineffective tactic – to hope that the girl herself will invite you to yourself, and you’re there it trahnesh. Quite a few girls live alone in isolation, and even fewer will invite you to my home at the second interview. Moreover, for all practice pickup do I never had occasion to visit the house or at one of his girls. So take care that such a comfortable place you have had. How to do it, if you are still young and DEPENDENT? Frankly, I was in no way sways. You’re old enough and independent to deal with art in general pick-up? Then handle this matter myself, if you want to have quality sex in any quantity and at any convenient time for you.
Not very prolonged kissing – quickly transition to bodily caresses and gently climb up under her blouse. Here you can meet resistance, but be assertive, do not forget to combine this with gentleness. Dont be too much to scare depicting mustering, which two years have not seen women. Act aggressively, but not slowly and gently. And succeed.
Approximately half the cases, the girl can not breed on kissing her and undress to the waist. But then she switched clearly serrate pattern that you still too early “seized”. And she begins to sculpt you the theme of “what next” can not, because then she would feel bad because her menses, because she has a boyfriend and so on. There are two types of future behavior, both of which work just fine.
1. You agree with her, gently caress completes and returns to light TREPOV still for an hour, his whole appearance indicating that you are not at all broken and you very well already from the fact that you are so wonderful kissing. You continue to show strong affection for her. Then brings her home, kindly forgive, not trying to kiss her (generally, at parting never climb to kiss itself, except in special situations), promises to call back and get lost even a day or three. I still have not been cases that the subsequent call girl refused to meet. They met again slightly to walk again and you’re taking her to his home. And believe me, this time she would be much more pliant and certainly lie with you in bed. But not all too prolonged and the transition to kissing literally five or ten minutes after she crossed the threshold of your home. The fact that she was allowed to do with herself once, for you now – not a taboo. Next – be assertive, and get everything perfect.
2. You gently to reassure her, saying that everything will be fine, continuing to caress her and bringing to a full prostration. And in this case, no boyfriend and no monthly not prevent her want you to fuck her right now. From a certain point, I’ve been practicing this way, considering it more efficient because less time-consuming. However, if you so strains do love with a girl during menses (incidentally, contrary to popular belief, they are not so often lie at this point), you can use the first method. His you’ll get all the same, it just happens a little later.

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