Ridiculous methods for luring girls

by admin on October 24, 2009

Ridiculous methods of seducing a woman

Ridiculous methods of seducing a woman

1. Many believe that it is very nice to messy money left and right – I hope that terrible girl would be impressed by this and will immediately become your forever. In a variant is understood that the money already in pocket. However, where they will take them into an ordinary student – no one knows.

But this is not the most important issue. The bad thing is that even if your pocket is swelled with lizards – most of all, the story ends with that type of girl you meet “dynamo” that they will deploy to such an amount as possible. In which its objective is to obtain as many material goods, without giving you anything in return. And Be confident that she will forget the moment when your finances will not allow you to keep.

Of course, not all girls are like that. Of course, the possession of money is better than their absence. But the lure consisting solely of money peck most notably “dynamo” with all ensuing consequences. I’m afraid that is true proverb: “Money is, no luck. By itself, your financial situation will not bring you happiness in the family (and sex!) Life – this must be added something else to succeed.

2. You can try to overload the poor girl with intelligence. There are, of course, likely that the girl will immediately fall into hypnotic state by the abundance of incomprehensible words and will be completely helpless under the pressure of “seductive”. We can also to deny that intelligence is most pronounced male secondary sex! But much more likely danger is that the girl to eat povazhitila on scholarship of adolescents and will eventually understand what it wants from it.

This approach has only one positive point: the girl will necessarily separate from its known common host such erudite idiot and will sometimes call him to help her to doreshi a crossword.

3. Some people prefer to pretend that they do not respond to a female presence. No, not in the sense that men respond to – and, for example, as was shown in the good old American comedy “In jazz there are only girls:” Sorry, dear, but for my entire life and until now I never did anything I to feel when the girl kiss me. ”

4. Some believe that seduction is no more effective way than to arouse the female jealousy – and the man starts, not too intrusive, but half seriously courted his girlfriend liked the lady. Probability that the lady will not tolerate such injustice, and soon will ask myself to show the man “who is who” was big enough – but only in this case, if her husband is originally liked to say as a sexual partner.

5. Pay particular male, and not experienced at the time of sexual maturation romantic nonsense and their complexes, considered as the best occasion for acquaintance, save the girl from a (real or mythical) threatening her method is hardly effective, even if accidentally, in any circumstances be obtained by itself. As a consistent approach, it provides a guaranteed complete failure of “Operation Seduction”.

The work is not even and that you will need to constantly keep fit and sophistication to master the methods of single combat. Many girls are just a hazard to life – a little. Finally, to you it will be necessary to invent and prepare these hazards yourself …

6. Some believe that the best way to impress a girl during the relationship is to nameknesh their significant relationships or noble origin. “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” are now in vogue, but the demand for “descendants” of Pushkin, Gogol and Griboedov, but also the media Gentlefolk titles, as if not interrupted.

The method is good for luring mladichki and very inexperienced virgins who will be disinclined to agree to look at your “genealogichesko tree,” “family jewels and trinkets etc. (which you still have to obtain advance!), Sitting on your” antique “sofa. Well, a sofa, he’s work is clear, is not intended for this to sit on it …

Superb work invitation “to see our ancestral sword.

7. There are also “Lovelace” that the best way to drive a lady in bed, consider placing the lady on the hand and heart. Once I watched an American talk show in which guests were guys in the group “Four Centaurs. There they decided to compete in seduction. Who offend, it gets plus points. The more girls you turned, the greater your account. Which has a maximum score – he grabs the prize.

And they show how these guys in the seduction univermaga (with them in America, this is the ideal place for acquaintance). Methodologies of places were primitive and ugly to shame: as a rule, they used the loading on that he seemed “to ears fell in love with her and wants her to become his wife. Rough and poshlo, but … do it!

An interesting moment comes when the next day all those downloaded girls invited them into the studio and told them that they had working with professional seducer. The girls started to make the kind that are so “cute and dosetlivi” – as if they are understood as all those thingy and behold these men tricks they “know them by heart” the insidious tempter and nothing will happen.

Only question: “Why did you knew all this before, gave us the real phone?” – They did not replied, embarrassed and roared. So right! Then especially in absentia, the girls are still just as smart, but I see in ordinary life are not so profound, especially if they speak such beautiful words.

“Only an idiot not to use such an effective tool, as the promise of marriage” – A. Yahontev wrote the book “Book of Life for fools.” Here I disagree with him and I myself do not use it. But that does not mean that such a method does not work – it means that personally for me it is unacceptable. It is possible that such a method and really is not bad, but I leave it to the most extreme case! It is not too delicate and unfortunately, you almost deprived of the opportunity to play in reverse.

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